Senior Basketball Players Blog on their Italy Trip



15 minutes of wifi never went so fast

15 minutes of wifi never went so fast.

After a 7 hour flight from Detroit Metro Airport to Paris and about 2 or 3 hours of sleep (if that) we were able to sit down for 2 hours, check our phones for 15 minutes of free wifi and finally stretch our legs. Some even chose to sleep on the ground they were so exhausted. After the naps and free internet we boarded the plane once again for an hour flight to Milan where we had a 4 hour bus ride awaiting our arrival. Once we arrived we ran into a few issues. Zac, Chris and Mrs. Turner’s luggage was lost and customer service said it wouldn’t be arriving to our hotel for another two days. That was interesting because we leave Florence for Sienna in three days, which would be cutting it close if anything else went wrong.

Even with the unfortunate loss we finally arrived at our hotel after a 20 hour trip from Albion to Florence. Coach May told us we had 30 minutes to get showered, dressed and back down in the lobby in time to leave for dinner. Naturally the whole team was back down on time and we were off. We ate at what seemed like a tiny restaraunt called Bucco Niccolini. However, the tiny entrance turned into long, almost never-ending rooms of tables. We had a total of six different courses. The way they eat here is so much different compared to back home in the states. They eat a little, stop, eat a little more, stop and then eat some more! Many of the guys were trying true Italian cuisine for the first time which was a great experiece for them. Everything was delicious. It was a great first day in Florence and be on the look out for day 2 of the Albion College Basketball team in Italy coming in a little bit.

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