Senior Basketball Players Blog on their Italy Trip

Rome at Last

The guys checking out the Colosseum.

Everyone really enjoyed the Colosseum.

Once business was taken care of on the court it was time to enjoy the rest of our time in Rome. We were scheduled for a tour of the Colosseum and the surrounding area. Everyone was looking forward to seeing it.

Coach May planned our tour for 8am. Yes 8am! We had just arrived in Rome at 2am earlier that morning. It was not fun getting up that early but it was the best bet seeing as how Rome was the hottest city we had been to. We could have taken the tour at 8am with temperatures as high as mid 90’s or as high as mid 100’s in the early afternoon. So everyone agreed the earlier, the better.

Our hotel was only about a block or so from the Colosseum so it was a short walk. It was unreal walking down the street and seeing one of the 7 wonders of the world. When we got inside we were able to see where all the slaves, animals and gladiators were kept before the fights would have taken place. In fact, if you’ve ever seen the movie, “Gladiator” our tour guide said it was very accurate according to the history of how the fights actually went.

Our tour guide was also explaining to us that the gladiators actually were fat because then if their skin was pierced while in battle it would help protect their internal organs. So if you see a movie with a gladiator in it and he has a six pack, that part isn’t so accurate. Going to the Colosseum was a life changing experience and the knowledge we gained there will always be with us.

As well as the inside of the Colosseum we explored the surrounding area which was amazing. There were ruins from many different time periods. We learned that the ruins from different time periods were actually from one generation literally burying the previous in an attempt to erase them.

After the tour we had lunch and then were on our own for the rest of the day. Some of the guys checked out the shops in order to do some last minute shopping for loved ones back home. It was a great first day in Rome. Look out for our next blog coming soon! Ciao for now!

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