Senior Basketball Players Blog on their Italy Trip

Back in the States!

The guys had a great last night in Rome but it was time to head home. We departed Rome early in the morning. The plane ride from Rome to Detroit was 10 hours. It would be a long one.

On the plane the guys were lucky because the plane offered many new movies that had just come out not too long ago. We all watched 4-5 movies on the plane.

Once we landed it was really starting to hit everyone that we were actually done living the life in a foreign country. It was time to get back on the normal grind at school. Some of the guys got rides home from the airport, but some had to ride back to Albion on the Brit Bus.

We were to Ann Arbor when everyone on the bus heard a loud popping noise. Everyone had talked about stopping at a gas station and getting some normal food but we were joking. At this point we just wanted to get home. Well, we got what we had jokingly wished for. We pulled over and called for help. It would be 45 minutes before another Brit Bus could come rescue us from the gas station parking lot. We decided to go search for some American food!

Fortunately, there was an Applebee’s right across the street. We all went there and had a great first American meal back. No glass bottles of water for 4 or more people, no gas water, free refills, one large plate full of food and best of all it was paid for by Coach Turner!

We ate and by the time we were done Coach Thomas was there for our rescue with another Brit Bus. We finally got on the road back to Albion.

It was an amazing trip and we want to thank everyone who made it possible!!!! It is cliche to say but it really was a life changing experience and we will never forget it. Thank you for reading and for the last time, ciao for now!

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