Senior Basketball Players Blog on their Italy Trip


Beach Day and Leaning Tower of Pisa

The team next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa

The team next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa

We woke up early for an hour bus ride to Pisa to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the surrounding area. We got there, saw the tower and just about the entire team bought fake Ray-Bans to take back home. It became a game to see who could barter the vendors lower. The lowest we got was 4 euros and the highest was 16 euros.

We arrived to the beach which was in a very nice part of Italy (Coach never told us what beach it was so blame him) and couldn’t wait to get out in the water and just relax. However, we did know it was the Mediterranean Sea and that we couldn’t go out too deep seeing as how it was Shark Week back home. Everyone had sharks on their mind. For all of us it was our first time being in the Sea.

It was quite the view from the beach. There were mountains in the backdrop. We’ve never seen such a beautiful view. But then again we have never seen so many dudes in Speedos either. It was much different than the beaches back home.

Once we had a few hours in the water and on the fire hot sand we had lunch. We were all starving. But lunch was not what we were expecting at all. It started out with the normal Bruschetta and then tuna noodles, which were good. But the weirdest thing was when they brought out melon and ham-Yes! melon and ham. It was the weirdest combination we’ve ever seen. Once we saw that some of the guys ordered spaghetti which was something we were more used to.

After a very interesting dinner we went back out to the beach for an hour or so and then got on the bus. We were sunburnt and exhausted. Everyone passed out on the bus ride back to Florence.

We were on our own for dinner. Most of the team wanted to sit outside and have dinner at one of the diners on the streets of Florence. So we did. After that dinner we were glad that we only had to pay for a few dinners in Italy ourselves because they were expensive!

Just to keep you informed, the luggage from the last blog arrived late on Wednesday night. So Chris, Zach and Mrs. Turner were all in luck. They finally had clean cl0thes and the rest of their belongings. Be on the look out for our next blog coming in a few minutes. Ciao for now!