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Game Day

The guys with the Italian team we played.

The guys with the Italian team we played.

Exploring Siena was a great time and now it was time for us to move on to the next city in Italy, Rome. However, we had a few things to take care of before we could go enjoy Rome. It was game day.

We woke up and took a bus to a lake that we learned was the second largest volcanic lake in the world and some of our student assistant’s family owned a restaurant right on the lake. We stopped at Jayson’s uncle’s restaurant for a team lunch before heading off to our game. It was as usual delicious. His uncle even surprised us with a little taste of home; some french fries and fried seafood!

Everyone was almost done eating when Jayson’s uncle finally came out to see him. It was exactly what everyone expected to see when he came to say hello. “This is my nephew, Jayson!” In the deepest Italian accent, said uncle Mocini. Everyone was excited for Jayson and his family. It was only the second time Jayson had been able to see his family overseas in his lifetime.

After dinner we knew it was time to take care of business. We had come to Italy to enjoy it, but we also came to play a game and win that game. Everyone knew it was time to focus on our mission.

It was a long bus ride to a small village in the mountains. When we rolled up everyone thought we were stopping to take a bathroom break. It did not look like a place where a basketball game would be played. But we unloaded the bus and went to the gym confused.

Everyone was psyched to play a game for the first time since a tough loss to Adrian that ended our season. It was a close game until the 3rd quarter when we started to take control. Kolin’s dunk on a fast break really got us going and pumped us up on the other end of the floor. We ended up winning handily by 20 but there was a loss. Mike (Mooney) went down when driving to the basket for a layup and injured his ankle. He was in a wheel chair for the remainder of the trip. After the game, we took a picture which was pretty awkward to say the least with the other team.

It was a very cool experience to be able to compete with kids about our age but that we couldn’t really speak with due to the language barrier. It was also very special to send Luke and Bob out on a good note with a win. It would be their official final game as Albion College Britons.

After cleaning up we headed to dinner just down the street. Everyone just wanted to get to Rome. We wanted this the be a quick dinner and get on the road again. We looked forward to enjoying our time in Rome. The next blog is coming soon. Ciao for now!