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Last Full Day

It was a scolding hot day at the Vatican.

It was a scolding hot day at the Vatican.

It had been an amazing trip up to this point. Everyone says it and it sounds cliche but it truly had been a life changing experience. We still had a tour of the Vatican. We were all looking forward to seeing the great history that was there.

The tour started early again and in order to get into the Vatican we were told that we had to wear a polo t-shirt, khaki pants, dress shoes and no water bottles. We weren’t looking forward to that part of it just because of how hot Rome was. The temperature was in the 100’s!

Once inside we realized that not everyone followed these rules and the security letting people in didn’t enforce the rules so strictly. As soon as we walked in and started our tour we saw someone who was wearing a shirt with an advertising on it with no collar, short shorts, flip flops and was carrying a water bottle that he brought in. It was not cool! But after thinking about it we were representing Albion College the best way possible. Everyone turned their heads at us because we were dressed up and there are very few tall people in Italy so we stuck out.

Exploring the Vatican and Sistine Chapel was something that we will all remember forever.  The paintings were so good they were closer to life like than some things you see today in print and television. We learned that Michelangelo painted the ceiling of the chapel. It took him four years and he worked on it some everyday. As Lawrence put it, “he had a ton of free time.”

After a long hot day seeing the Vatican the guys were ready to get some lunch and ice cold water. But of course we ate at the one restaurant that only served carbonated water or as the Italians call it “gas water.” None of the guys like gas water except Brennon who lived in Germany for a year when he was younger and got used to it there. So the guys really sipped on their one can of Coke to make it last. Once lunch came the guys chowed down on their food and we were on our own until dinner.

Dinner was very delicious, we had more of a selection this time. Most of the guys ordered a steak which was such a nice treat from pasta and pizza for most of the trip. After eating, each of the guys told something they learned on the trip and their favorite experience. Coach Turner and Coach May each had some nice words for the group as well. Then the seniors thanked Marta and Rebecca, who lead us around Italy for the ten days, for all they had done. They did everything from choosing restaurants, planning our tours and translating for us. They had their hands full and did a great job! It was a great way to send us off back to the states in the morning. Be on the look out for the last blog coming soon. Ciao for now!