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Here is a link to a blog I started a couple of years ago when Albion College received a hewlett packard teaching with technology grant in the Spring of 2008


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Summer 2010

This summer Aaron Bender, ’11 and Jacob Stoneburner, ’11, are working in the lab on some new chiral hypervalent iodine reagents.  These reagents are going to be tested on a new substrate, one that was shown by Ishihara, and co-workers to give very high enantioselectivities using their iodide catalyst.  We will use this intramolecular reaction with our aryl iodide catalysts to see if our compounds “compete” with Ishihara’s.

Pictures of my intrepid young Chemists:

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Website becomes a blog

Dr. Andrew N. French

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Summer 2009

The summer of 2009 saw three students; Bin Cai, ’10, Laura Kirk,’10, and Matt Logan,’10, spend the summer at Albion College.  Bin was successful in synthesizing a chiral oxazoline-based aryl iodide, but found the compound to be unstable to the oxidation conditions (MCPBA) of the catalytic reaction.  Summer of 2010 will be spent seeing of other oxidation conditions will be more amenable for this aryl iodide.

Matt Logan and Laura Kirk spent the summer working on the synthesis of a new class of compounds derived from Jacobsen’s Salen Ligand.  Replacing the OH with Iodine generated the new compounds; Bis imine-bis iodo compounds.  Matt used chiral diaminocyclohexane and Laura used diamino propane as a starting material.

Bin Cai has returned to China after graduating in the spring of 2010.  He has taken a position at a chemical company near Shanghai.  He hopes to return to America to pursue his graduate studies in a year or two.  Laura Kirk will start medical school at Wayne State University.  Matt Logan will be going to Graduate School at Stanford University.

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Summer 2008

The Summer of 2008 saw Dr. French take a break from summer research.  He spent a month in July traveling to and around Arizona and back again, and retooling his organic chemistry Lecture to incorporate tablet PCs into the class.  This was part of a Hewlett-Packard teaching with technology grant French and two physics faculty received that put 24 tablet PCs in the hands of students in organic chemistry (starting year 1) and in Physics (starting year 2).  French spent much of the year working on this project and presented numerous talks (NITLE), posters (NITLE, ACS, Spring 2009), and webinars on his results.  Two education faculty/staff turned French’s classroom into a teaching and learning laboratory for the year (with IRB approval, of course!). Their results have been presented at SOTL conferences and will be published, hopefully, in the coming year.  French, Shanton, and Cox are presenting their results at the August,2009 ACS meeting in Washington, DC.

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Summer 2007

The Summer of 2007 Saw Dr. French continue as summer FURSCA Director, though for only the first half of the summer.  We welcomed two new members to the groups this summer; Teresa Giacomazzi, and William Andert, both who spent 5 weeks at Albion working on new Chiral hypervalent iodine reagents.  Shauna Paradine, in her final summer as an Albion college student, accepted a RISE Fellowship through the American Chemical Society, and spend the summer at the University of Mainz, working in the Lab of Prof. Dr. Bernhard Witulski, another hypervalent Iodine chemist, with applications to materials science.  Her project was successful enough to warrant her fourth ACS National meeting presentation (in Boston) in August.  Dr. French spent July in Mainz, as well, at the invitation of Professor Witulski, and team-taught a class on heterocyclic chemistry to upper class students at Mainz.  Pictures Below.

During the 2007-8 academic year Shauna’s research was published on her catalytic reaction discovered while in Wales.  A short communication was followed by a full paper, both in Synlett.  Shauna was accepted to Stanford, Illinois, MIT, and is currently in the M. Christina White lab at Illinois doing asymmetric methodology.

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Summer 2006

The Summer of 2006 was the final year of our current NSF grant and saw Sarah and Shauna travel to Wales to work with Thomas.  Shauna continued her project begun at Albion, completing her synthesis and evaluation of her target compound.  A publication is in draft form, we hope to have it submitted by the end of the year.  Sarah, wishing to try new things, tried some new nitrogen-based hypervalent iodine chemistry.  They enjoyed their time in Wales, pictures below.  Sarah graduated with departmental Honors, and went on to receive a Masters degree in Chemistry from the University of Michigan!  She returned to Albion in the Spring of 2009 to be an Adjunct Professor of Chemistry.  She continues here in the fall of 2009. Dr. French spent his summer 2006 as Director of FURSCA and trolling the waters for new funding opportunities. Sadly, NSF said “no”.

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Summer 2005

The summer 2005 gave us the opportunity to move into our new Building, Kresge Science Hall, nicknamed “the Bruce” after Bruce Kresge, our major donor for the building, and long-time supporter of Albion College.  Three students; Shauna Paradine, Sarah Simmons and Bethany Bierlein spent the summer moving us into the new lab and working on three new targets.  While we were unsuccessful in making any new hypervalent iodine reagents, we are hopeful for future success.  Below is a photo  of our new labs and us working in them!!

Bethany was crowned Miss Calhoun County during the summer, so we crowned her with an appropriate crown ether at lunch!!

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Summer 2003 – Summer 2004

Starting in the summer of 2003 I was on sabbatical.  I was a Royal Society USA Research Fellow at Cardiff University, working with Thomas Wirth.  Craig Streu, ’04, and Joe Heinzelmann, ’04 were in Cardiff during that summer working on two projects with Thomas.  I joined the Wirth Group in August.  Craig finished his Ph. D. in Chemistry at U. Penn and has published his work in Angewandte Chemie!! Joe is working as a professional Chemist.

My sabbatical, 2003-2004 academic year + two summers, to the say the least was a fantastic experience.  I worked on a number of projects, some were successful, other were not.  The completion of a project that Crystal, Craig, and Amanda had worked was the first project, which, sad to say, failed in the final oxidation step.  The rest of the fall was spent on a number of other projects, and the completion of a review paper that was published in Chemical Society Reviews (Chem. Soc. Rev., 2004, 33, 354 – 362.).  The spring saw a new project, the use of hypervalent iodine reagents as tetrahydrofuranylating agents, using microwaves to facilitate the reaction.  This short communication was published in Synlett (Synlett, 2004 (13) 2291 – 2293).  In the Spring of 2004, we organized and held the Cardiff Symposium on Hypervalent Iodine Chemistry.  Most of the Major researchers from around the world attended and a great time was had by all!!

In addition to all this hard work in the the lab, I did find time to travel with my family, while we lived in Wales.  Trips to London, Bath, Bristol, Durham, Edinburgh, Switzerland, Germany, as well as all over Wales, highlighted our year in the UK.  Below are pictures.

At the Royal Society Office with Isaac Newton, a prominent member of the Royal Society

Bath Museum in . . . Bath!

St. David’s Cathedral in our Illinois Colors.

Starting in the summer of 2003 I was on sabbatical.  I was a Royal Society USA Research Fellow at Cardiff University, working with Thomas Wirth.  Craig Streu, ’04, and Joe Heinzelmann, ’04 were in Cardiff during that summer working on two projects with Thomas.  I joined the Wirth Group in August.  Craig is working toward his Ph. D. in Chemsitry at U.Penn and has recently published his work in Angewandte Chemie!! Joe is working as a professional Chemist.
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Summer 2002

The Summer of 2002 saw two students, Joe Heinzelmann and Craig Streu working on the synthesis of a new chiral hypervalent reagent. While they were unsuccessful at completing this synthesis due to the unavailability of a reagent (post 9-11) the summer was informative.  Below are some pictures of the summer research effort.

The summer of 2002 also saw Crystal Ingison travel to Cardiff to work with my collaborator, Thomas Wirth, at Cardiff University.  There she worked on lactonization reactions of alkenoic acids using hypervalent iodine reagents, continuing and completing the research started by Amanda Boye, ’02.  The results of their combined research were accepted by Organic Letters (2003, 5(12), 2157-2159).  Here are some pictures!  Crystal completed her M.S. At Illinois and is now working at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

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