About Us


The Albion-Marshall Resilient Communities Project is an exciting opportunity to build relationships, address implicit bias, and embrace our collective Oneness. This project was born out of the work done within the schools over the past four years as Albion and Marshall students began to attend school together.

Building on the successes of our children who have shown tremendous courage and growth, adults in both communities have begun the process of dialogue with one another to build relationships that support our youth and strengthen our region.

Led by a multi-level partnership of community stakeholders, this project will include a variety of opportunities throughout the year for people to engage through field trips, movie screenings, book discussions, the arts, workshops, and structured dialogues. These brave spaces are designed to allow community members to participate in this important work where, when, and how they are ready.

Our goal is to cultivate a culture of understanding, respect, and dignity for one another. In doing so we can transform our communities into a vibrant place where all children and families can flourish.

If you have any questions, please e-mail info@starr.org or call 1-800-837-5591.