Financial Aid: Hoping for a Perfect Blend

I never imagined when I entered the financial aid profession that I’d be using the skills of a vintner.  Blending the right mix of ingredients to develop a product that pleases the palate.  Well, okay.  Not many financial aid packages taste good, but hopefully ours is easy to swallow.

See, financial aid packages are kind of like fine wine.  They take some time to put together.  And, there are a lot of components to making a good offer.

Like a nice red wine blend many pieces go into a financial aid package.  Besides your FAFSA, we need our Board of Trustees to finalize what tuition and fees, we hold competitions and interviews for select scholarships, we wait for the federal and state government to determine the amount of funding we’ll get.  We wait for Congress to approve the Pell Grant amounts and we forecast our endowed scholarship earnings.  And, of course, we need your information. All of these pieces come together to give us the landscape in which we cultivate your financial aid offer.

Once we’ve got all the pieces together we’ll craft your package and provide you the best comprehensive offer we can.  We’re pretty proud too of how we present that information to you as well.  Our award notifications get a lot of praise for being easy to understand, but we know some times we don’t get it right and we’re here to help.

Wondering what your aid package might include?  Complete your FAFSA at  Have questions about your blend of financial aid resources?  Give us a call.

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