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Hi!  I’m Ann Whitmer the Director of Student Financial Services at Albion College.

Thanks for stopping in.  As a parent of a college-aged son I understand the exciting, scary, thrilling, heart-wrenching experience of sending your son or daughter off to school.  As a seasoned financial aid professional I get to help parents through this process annually.  I hope that you’ll find some words of encouragement and support as you go through this process.

A bit about me and my perspective.

No one grows up apprising to be a financial aid officer.  Well, I did have one friend who’s father was a financial aid director, but of the hundreds of aid administrators I know, none of us expected to be here.   But, we’re all glad we landed where we did.  In the best (and sometimes hardest) job on a college campus.

I fell into financial aid while I was an admission counselor at the University of LaVerne in California.  Since then I’ve worked solely in financial aid at some pretty large schools  – University of Michigan and University of California-  Irvine.  I had a chance to really delve into finaid policy at the University of California Office of the President and was a trainer for the College Board.  Over the years I’ve been very involved in our professional associations and committees, including College Board and the NCAA.  I’ve specialized in financial aid policy, communication and scholarship administration.  Now, I do a little bit of everything.

Armed with a graduate degree in university administration and student affairs I know the theories behind colleges and college students.  Reality is often different.

I came to Albion in 2008 – 26 years after I first fell in love with the campus.  When making my college selection it came down to Albion and a large, public school.  I opted for big rather than personal.  But, fate lead me back to be a Briton.

In my downtime I compete in long-distance triathlons and endurance running.  I’ve completed an ironman and ultramarathons – which gives me a lot of time to think…even about financial aid.  I have one son, and like most parent’s, I’m immensely proud of him.   And while I’d love to have him experience an Albion education, he worked very hard and accomplished his goal to be a Big Ten varsity athlete.

I hope along the way my musings will help you understand why we do what we do.  And, maybe a bit about how this financial stuff works.

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