After Warming Up

April 19th, 2011

This past Sunday was the race…and it was fabulous.  We had a large turnout (compared to what we had in the past), about 60 participants, most of whom ran the 5K.  There were some great finishes and friendly rivalries at last got to compete for the win.  Several people said this was their first time competing in a 5K, so awesome!  We raised a lot of money that we will now donate to the Albion Department of Recreation.  A special thanks to all the people who stood or sat in the cold to help with set-up, registration, the finish line, and clean up.  Of course a round of applause for all the runners who braved the cold and wind to run.  After warming up, I’d say we did a fabulous job.  And although I will be graduating this year, the race better happen next year, so I can run in it.  :)

Oh, and I almost forgot…be sure to check out the results: Race Results 2011

5 days to go!

April 12th, 2011

How about that gorgeous weather this past weekend?!?  It was perfectly placed to fully distract me from my homework.  (This senioritis-thing is killing me).  I hope everyone did what I did and run, run, and then run again.  It was 11:30 Saturday night and my friend said “let’s go running.” So we did.  You know it is great weather when you can go running in shorts and a t-shirt at midnight and be fine.  Then Sunday evening I went running again even though I had a test to study for because how could I pass up that weather.  And then of course, studying outside and getting a sunburn.  Let’s hope, no pray desperately, that the weather is this great in 5 days (Sunday) for the race.  I hope, no pray, that everyone is in much better shape than I am and ready to run a 5K.  5 days to the 5K.

There’s Commitments and Then There’s Commitments

April 1st, 2011

(Don’t mind the poor grammar)

After the last post, I decided (mentally, of course) to update this more regularly, but one thing led to another and excuses came up, and I completely dropped the ball.  I guess if I’m in the rut of discussing dropped commitments, I can’t forget to mention what this blog is all about…running.  And there you have it, I have no commitment to running.  I just don’t have time, I don’t have the energy, classes get in the way, it’s cold again; there are those excuses again.  So last week, I got out of class early and my housemate ‘forced’ me to go run with her (more like she invited and I accepted).  We ran the Running the Race course (really slowly), and it was pretty awesome. Of course, I was sore for two days afterward.  Despite the soreness in my legs, I know the race is coming along beautifully and that’s one commitment I haven’t failed to do. (There are many others – don’t imagine to be this horrible slacker – but it would take far too much time to talk about how dedicated I am. :)  And that’s not applicable here anyway.)  I guess as a strong closing, I should encourage everyone to ignore the tiredness, ignore the stress, ignore the cold, and get out there and run.  But that would be hypocritical, so instead, I will just say, “be committed!”

(Hopefully, I will be back sooner :) )

Random thought in the middle of the semester…

March 15th, 2011

Studying, studying, studying.  I guess that’s school.  CRU has been plowing through Thessalonians.  Spring break came at the most opportune moment.  CRU did beach evangelism in Panama City Beach.  The track team went to Florida for break as well to practice.  Lots of running in fairly warm weather.  The rest of us in the cold world of Michigan, how’s the running going?  A little over a month until the race.  Are you ready?

Out for a run…

February 8th, 2011

So I’ve really had to force myself to get up and run even four days a week.  But it isn’t just exercising.  I have to force myself to do homework and school stuff.  No motivation means only one thing – senioritis!  :(  Fortunately, we have an awesome bunch of people in AIA this semester (though we always do).  Our first few prayer nights have gone well, though it looks like this will be a rough semester for a lot of people.  Whatever your stress is – work, relationships, mentally or physically tired - know that you have someone thinking about you.

I’ve realized that no matter how stressed I get, running just a few miles really calms me down.  So get out there in the cold and snow and wind and sleet, get your game face on, we CAN DO THIS!

New Semester

January 23rd, 2011

Time to get the ball rolling on 2011!  We’re Bible Studying it up with CRU.  And continuing our prayer nights.  All the while planning for an awesome race.  Checkin’ out the weather, it sure doesn’t look like good running weather, but I guess it’s time to get focused, do some school work, and get ready to RUN THE RACE!

5 Months…

November 17th, 2010

Today marks 5 months until Running the Race.  Planning is going splendidly and it looks like it is going to be pretty awesome! 

 Bible studies continue with CRU which seem to be pretty great – inviting and reflective. 

We also have been holding weekly Girls’ Prayer Nights which also have been beneficial to growing through prayer.

…5 months and counting…

Up and Running

October 22nd, 2010


Welcome again to AC AIA website!  Everything is pretty much up and running, so navigate around and check it out.  Definitely consider registering for Running the Race


October 15th, 2010

Welcome to Athletes in Action!  We are just getting set up, so bear with us for the next couple of days as we get everything figured out.