What is Athletes in Action at Albion College?

Athletes in Action is an off-shoot of the national program Campus Crusade for Christ.  Our focus is finding Christ’s message in the sports that we play.  We accomplish this goal by weekly bible studies where we relate Bible readings to athletics. We currently meet with CRU at 8pm on Thursdays in the Kellogg Center.

Members of Athletes in Action play a variety of sports at Albion College and are a Christian influence in their sports’ teams, as well as on the campus.

Albion College is a small Liberal Arts College in Albion, MI.  It is “an independent, coeducational, residential college founded 175 years ago, Albion is committed to the liberal arts tradition. Historically related to the United Methodist Church, the College is dedicated to preserving the values of the past, to serving the needs of the present and to anticipating the goals of the future.”

This race is a way to spread Christ’s message through a sporting event, while also raising money for Albion Department of Recreation.

To learn more about Athletes in Action visit the national website: http://www.athletesinaction.org/

To learn more about Albion College visit: http://www2.albion.edu/admission/