Looking back at the fall with ACWL…

Coming from a family with five sisters, I had no idea that joining the Albion College Women’s Lacrosse team would mean I would acquire even more sisters. Now as a junior on the team, I have the privilege of being a part of the Positivity Police and team leadership committee. Looking back I never would have guessed that this team would become such an integral part of my experience at Albion College. The team has truly changed my life.


My parents reinforced the importance of maintaining a positive hardworking attitude about everything no matter the circumstance. This fits right in with my role on the team as a part of the Positivity Police with fellow teammate Jordan Church. The Positivity Police work to keep the team energy, dynamic, and culture positive. As a team, we face some difficult tasks, but we are able to face them with a good mindset. This helps to create the family that we have built. This fall, one of the team bonding events we did was a trip to Sweet Seasons, a local apple orchard. We were able to hang out, eat donuts, and meander through the apple orchard. We are such a unique group of individuals and have been able to learn so much about each other during the Fall semester. My teammates are my family, and they help me feel at home in Albion.

We succeed and fail as a team. I believe the role of the Positivity Police helps us to achieve this mentality. We have learned how to best support each other both on and off the field. In doing so, we are able to maintain a good perspective on everything that we are working towards.

This fall we are taking a morning conditioning class. We wake up early, leaving our warm beds for a cold walk. Nonetheless, we are able to take the experience of waking up early to get in shape as an opportunity to make us better. We cheer each other on in the mornings, supporting one another when facing the physical and mental challenges mornings hold. Then we head to Baldwin for our much enjoyed team breakfast, which is often the reason we force ourselves from our beds every morning.


Every fall we work the Hall of Fame dinner during homecoming weekend at Albion. At the dinner we are able to take on the role of a server for the evening. It is always quite an interesting night considering that most of us have no experience serving. We serve dinner, then hang out together during the program. After the program we clear tables and prepare the space for the next event. At the beginning of this year’s dinner, we were all a little jittery and nervous, but by the end of the night we were having a great time laughing about the experience.

Being a part of this team gives me a sense of purpose. I know that I have a group of women that have my back, and I have all of their backs as well. Being a part of this team has really made my experience at Albion College amazing. I instantly had a group of women that were not only just my friends, but quickly became my family. I know that I have a constant support system with not just lacrosse, but school and everything else in my life as well.


Every fall brings new members to our team — an exciting thing it is to be able to teach the new team members what it means to play Brit lacrosse! There are so many aspects of this team that I have come to enjoy. This fall we were able to grow closer through team bonding, trips to orchards, and many team meals together. We were able to learn more about each other and the game we all love to play, and I cannot wait to see what this coming season has in store for us!

Makenzie Frederickson, #22 Defense, Class of 2018

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