“…I consider my teammates my best friends and even my sisters.”

Starting any sport at a new school with a brand new team can be a scary or nerve racking experience. The first few weeks of school made me a bit nervous because I did not know what to expect and I hoped everyone would like me. As I began my transition onto the Albion College lacrosse team, everything was very smooth and I was accepted with open arms. Everything about starting lacrosse here at Albion has been an amazing experience. I had a great transition from high school to college lacrosse with the help of my wonderful teammates and coaches. Not once have I ever felt nervous or intimidated by the heightened intensity of the sport or my team. Of course, certain practices and drills were challenging, but I kept my head up and worked hard for myself and my teammates.

Something that I really value about this team is a phrase we always say to each other, “Got Your Back”. This means a lot to me both on and off the field. I know that my teammates will always support me and love me no matter what we are doing. On the lacrosse field, this phrase helps us stay focused and not get worried or frustrated when something does not go how we wanted it to. Off the lacrosse field we also use this phrase to show our support for each other in everyday matters, whether it is a big test coming up or family troubles. Because of this I consider my teammates my best friends and even my sisters. We spend so much time together as a team that we are basically one big family.


ACWL Annual Dow Hunt!

ACWL Annual Dow Hunt feat. Elafants!

These past few weeks of preseason have taught me a lot about the game of lacrosse and also about myself. I have learned what I am capable of, how to have trust and faith in others on the field, and also about what it means to be a good teammate. At Albion I am challenged to push myself to my limit on the field, and I am capable of much more than I originally thought. I feel myself getting stronger and fitter every practice which I know will help me immensely come game time. Secondly, I have learned what it feels like to have a team you can rely on and work with. This team has taught me how to trust my teammates and not feel like I have to do all the work. Lastly, I have learned what being a good teammate looks and feels like. It is all about working hard for your teammates and pushing past any obstacles to be the best you can be for your team.

Staying mentally and physically focused at every practice, game, or team event is something I have learned how to do since the beginning of my first season here at Albion. Without the amazing dynamic of the lacrosse team I would be having a very different college experience. I am so ecstatic about my decision to play lacrosse at the college level, and especially excited that I chose to play at Albion. Both the school and the team felt like home when I first visited and I know my decision was the right one. My teammates prove it to me every day. I am so thankful to be a Brit!

Darcy Muns, Freshman

Darcy Muns, ACWL Freshman, #17

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