I joined a family.

I came to Albion this year on a search for a new adventure. Little did I know that that adventure involved a decision to join the lacrosse team.  My first week I learned that it is a dangerous sport and that the bright yellow balls are not to be stepped on. My second week I learned that yes, we do play in the snow and rain. I’d look out my window see it snowing and ask myself, “Hmmm I wonder if we will have practice outside?” 30 mins later, my hands would be frozen to my stick and saying to myself now I know why I was given 3 cold gear shirts :).


Higgenbotham’s Revenge Tour, Cumberland Caverns

My third week was spring break and wow did I learn a lot. I learned that I could make friends on team and that everyone was eerily similar to me. I found out that the human body can fit through very small openings (referring to our Cumberland Caverns caving trip). I now look at the world quite differently…after the cave, I look at tables and under beds and think…hm, could I fit? 

Lastly I realized I greatly underestimated what I was getting myself into. The following weeks consisted of me trying to wrap my mind around what exactly this team was. From the very first day, I knew it was something special. I would describe it as the feeling you get when you first visit Albion’s campus; it just feels like home. Everyone on the team welcomed new players with open arms and not once turned their backs or turned up their noses when asked for help…or even when maybe an illegal check was thrown (sorry Wiegs and Shan).

I can tell you right now, if that would have happened on other teams, they would not have been as accommodating. Even everyone’s family members are beyond nice. When I come upstairs for our potlucks, Shannon’s mom usually says hi to me before my own parents do. And then you throw in the coaching staff which is one like i have never experienced, with their uncanny relevant metaphors and their unreal ability to motivate a group.

So in ending this, I think I finally have been able to truly understand what I got myself into. I joined a family. A family that  is centered around coaches that build and enforce a culture for success. I’m not talking about “the frosting” success but the success that comes from being a good person that is able to look beyond herself and put forth the energy and effort that makes someone else look better.

Zoe Wilson, Sophomore Defender #26

Soroity thing 2

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