…how could I say no?

Cassandra Reuschlein, #23 Attack

Junior year was full of challenges. It was the peak of the hardest classes I would have to take to fulfill my biochemistry major. In addition to the challenging course load, I indulged in many campus organizations and leadership roles within them. But, surely that was not enough. At the end of my first semester junior year I was presented the opportunity to play lacrosse at Albion College. I thought to myself, “How could I say yes?” But, ultimately, how could I say no?

When spring semester came around, I became #23 on the Albion College Women’s Lacrosse roster. I was fully committed to learning the sport and becoming a part of a new incredible team. I was welcomed with open arms from the coaching staff and my teammates; but, I had no idea what I was getting into. I had to overcome many physical and mental challenges while learning what ACWL was all about. While my teammates made everything look easy, it definitely was not easy for me. It took a lot of work. I know for certain that I would have never been able to continue on this crazy adventure without their continuous support and the time that they invested in me. From the countless stick trick tips, to dragging me along during conditioning, or crying happy and sad tears together during team meetings; this team became a family.

While junior year came with many challenges, it also came with so much opportunity and growth. I have never been a part of a team with so much genuineness and passion. Last season, I gained good friends and supporters that I probably would not have if I did not join this team. Last season, I learned a sport that has given more to me than I could have ever asked in such a short time. Last season, I gained a sense of purpose on that beautiful, new lacrosse field.

Cass fires a shot during the Brits’ 2017 MIAA Tournament game at Calvin College.

When senior year came around, it was time to reflect on my experience and see what the future held for me and lacrosse. It was quite simple; I had joined a family last season. There was no way that I could let this family come into my life and not continue on the journey of one more season with them. At the conclusion of fall ball this semester, it solidified my decision to continue playing lacrosse my senior year. While Albion College has granted me countless opportunities, the opportunity to play for ACWL was by far one of the best. I cannot wait to step onto the field with the ACWL family this spring.

Cassandra Reuschlein, Senior Attacker #23

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