When I see or hear ACWL…

When I see or hear “ACWL” I don’t think “Albion College Women’s Lacrosse,” instead I immediately think of all of the wonderful teammates, coaches, and parents — just people in general — that I have met along the way. For me, it has only been one year (barely) being a part of this program, and already I tell people that it has been the best decision that I have made in my life thus far. ACWL means close connections. It means having 24 girls going through the same things that I am. It means having two coaches that would give up the world for me and more in order to see me succeed in all aspects of my life. ACWL means that I have family from Michigan to California, and several states in between. Lastly, ACWL means growth, as a person, player, and student. It holds me to a higher standard that recognizes my potential.

I have played one season on this team so far and cannot wait for the next three. I have done an immense amount of growing this last year, especially as a player. Having only one year of lacrosse experience under my belt coming into the program, by the end of the season you would not have thought that it was only my second year playing the game. My endurance was the highest that it has ever been, and my foot speed and change of speed has also increased. My stick skills were like a whole new world from the beginning of the season to the end, especially since I didn’t even have proper throwing form at the beginning! Through the aching muscles and sore wrists, I emerged a completely new player, and I can only see myself improving over the next three years. I know that ACWL will only continue to build my character as a person and athletic abilities as a player. ACWL will also continue to make me more open, allowing me to share my experiences in order to help others. ACWL will always take my playing career to the next level year after year, but what I am most excited about is how my coaches and teammates will push me to be a better, more prepared person. I just hope that I can leave a positive impact on all of them as well.

Carly Schwarz, #16 Midfield

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