Chemistry Department Says Goodbye to Valued Colleague

In Fall 2009, Dr. Heidi Yoon joined the department as a visiting instructor and has been teaching at Albion for two years, because of recent sabbaticals and the continued interest in chemistry from majors and premedical students.  While at Albion, Dr. Yoon  taught introductory chemistry, analytical chemistry, and organic chemistry laboratory.

Dr. Yoon received her S.B. in chemistry from the University of Chicago. She then went on to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where under the direction of Fleming Crim, she received her Ph.D. in physical chemistry.  Her research interests lie in how energy can influence the photodissociation of small, gas-phase molecules.  This summer she will be leaving Michigan to conduct spectroscopic studies of aerosol particles of Saturn’s moon, Titan, as a visiting fellow at the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, which is a joint institute of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the University of Colorado at Boulder.  Dr. Yoon is sad to be leaving Albion College, but is excited to get back in the lab and do research again.

The faculty and students of the chemistry department are equally sad to say goodbye to Dr. Yoon.   She has been actively involved in all aspects of our departmental life and is a great teacher, mentor and colleague.  We will miss her good humor, energy and smile.


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