2015 Chi Alpha Sigma Induction Ceremony

We would like to congratulate the 23 student-athletes who were inducted into Chi Alpha Sigma at Albion College’s annual athletic honors ceremony on April 26. Each has earned a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or higher and has won a varsity letter in at least one sport in the past year. The 2015 inductees are:

Andrew Bobowski (Men’s Soccer)
Bradley Bogus (Men’s Lacrosse)
Mark Cardy (Men’s Cross Country)
Alexandra Carey (Women’s Cross Country)
Tsz Chun Chan (Men’s Track)
Mitchell Clinton (Men’s Cross Country, Men’s Track))
Tyler Covell (Men’s Golf)
Benjamin Crawford (Baseball)
Victoria Della Pia (Women’s Lacrosse)
Alexander Goricki (Men’s Track)
Tess Haadsma (Women’s Swimming)
Theresa Hencsie (Women’s Cross Country)
Margaux Kabodian (Women’s Tennis)
Kadie Koolwick (Women’s Lacrosse)
Ross Kynast (Men’s Tennis)
Candace Myers (Women’s Golf)
Jessica Scott (Women’s Tennis)
Robert Secord (Football)
David Simon (Football)
Rhiki Swinton (Women’s Track)
Katrina Tooker (Women’s Golf)
Andrew White (Men’s Golf)
Kristin Yeager (Volleyball)

20 Student-Athletes Inducted Into Chi Alpha Sigma

Congratulations to the following student-athletes who were inducted into Albion College’s chapter of Chi Alpha Sigma on April 27, 2014! Each has earned a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or higher and has won a varsity letter in at least one sport in the past year.

Kyle Alsheskie (Men’s Soccer)
Kara Bowers (Women’s Lacrosse, Women’s Swimming)
Zachery Brigham (Football)
Rachel Derocher (Women’s Cross Country)
Nicholas Emery (Football)
Matthew Fellows (Men’s Golf)
Adam Hahn (Football)
Jeffrey Irish (Men’s Lacrosse)
Kyle Kowal (Baseball)
Emily Morlock (Women’s Cross Country)
Paxton Mueller (Volleyball)
Carl Pressprich (Men’s Lacrosse)
Alana Retzer (Women’s Cross Country, Women’s Track)
Michelle Samson (Women’s Cross Country)
Joseph Silvestri (Men’s Lacrosse)
Victoria Sochor (Women’s Cross Country)
Laura Steavenson (Women’s Swimming)
Michael Tolkacz (Men’s Soccer)
Megan Wickens (Women’s Cross Country, Women’s Track)
Melissa Wilson (Women’s Lacrosse)

2013 Chi Alpha Sigma Inductees

Congratulations to the following students who were inducted into Chi Alpha Sigma on April 28, 2013!

Alexander Archer (Men’s Golf)
Andrew Bieber (Men’s Soccer)
Michelle Burke (Women’s Cross Country
Charles Carroll (Football)
Wesley Dolen (Football)
Mariah Fiorillo (Women’s Golf)
Kenneth Gibbons (Men’s Golf)
Abigail Hess (Women’s Cross Country)
Justin Jevicks (Men’s Track)
Brent Koaches (Men’s Golf)
Jessica Koehler (Softball)
Brent Konkle (Baseball)
Evan Malecke (Men’s Soccer)
Adam Mazza (Baseball)
Marissa Messenger (Women’s Tennis)
Kristin Nelson (Women’s Track)
Michelle Norgren (Softball)
Dennis O’Dowd (Men’ Soccer)
Deion Pruitt (Men’s Cross Country)
Rachel Reem (Women’s Soccer)
Michael Schypinski (Baseball)
Jeremy Simms (Men’s Track)
Amanda Weaver (Women’s Cross Country, Women’s Track)
Jessica Weiler (Volleyball)

Bradley Baker (Men’s Cross Country)
Austin Bateman (Men’s Swimming)
Amy Bell (Women’s Swimming)
Sarah Bevier (Women’s Soccer)
Katelyn Blumberg (Women’s Tennis)
Dana Brooks (Men’s Golf)
Marissa Cloutier (Women’s Tennis)
Bradley Collins (Men’s Swimming)
Brett de Bear (Women’s Basketball)
Olivia Dynes (Women’s Swimming)
Anne Galus (Women’s Soccer)
Haley Gitre (Volleyball)
Rebecca Guntz (Women’s Cross Country)
Jalyn Ingalls (Volleyball)
Lee Madziar (Baseball)
Bradley Melpolder (Men’s Swimming)
Kurt Miller (Men’s Soccer)
Julie Okorn (Women’s Swimming)
William Schmidt (Men’s Swimming)
Alex Schumaker (Baseball)
Ashok Selby (Men’s Lacrosse)
Eric Shimmel (Baseball)
Donald Strite (Men’s Cross Country)
Emily Ten Eyck (Women’s Cross Country)
Elizabeth Tuma (Women’s Cross Country)
Claire Van Raaphorst (Women’s Swimming)
Allison Wilburn (Women’s Swimming, Women’s Track)
Linden Williams (Women’s Swimming, Women’s Track)
Alexandra Yaw (Softball)

About Chi Alpha Sigma, the National College Athlete Honor Society

Chi Alpha Sigma is a nonprofit organization established to recognize college student athletes who earn a varsity letter in at least one sport while maintaining a 3.4 or higher cumulative GPA throughout their junior and senior years.

The purpose of Chi Alpha Sigma is “To encourage and reward high academic scholarship of college athletes at four-year accredited colleges and universities. To recognize outstanding academic achievement by intercollegiate varsity letter winners. To encourage good citizenship, moral character, and friendship among the high academic achievers in college athletics. To recognize and honor the individual athlete, his/her team, sport, athletic department, and college or university. To mentor and provide leadership to other athletes.”

The Michigan Zeta chapter of Chi Alpha Sigma was established at Albion College in April 2012.

Albion College’s First Chi Alpha Sigma Inductees – 2012

Commencement 2012 - First Albion College Chi Alpha Sigma Inductees

Commencement 2012 - First Albion College Chi Alpha Sigma Inductees

Albion College 2012 Inductees
Athlete / Sport
Jeffrey Ahee Football
Matthew Ankenbrandt Baseball
Chelsea Anthony Women’s Track
Katelyn Broekema Women’s Cross Country, Women’s Track
Claire Cannon Softball
Kevin Carron Men’s Soccer
Alyssa Castillo Softball
Eric Clark Men’s Soccer
Robert Clark Men’s Soccer
Aaron Croad Men’s Cross Country, Men’s Track
Joshua Deuel Men’s Soccer
Thomas Dickmann Men’s Soccer
Melissa DiRado Women’s Swimming
Caroline Dobbins Women’s Swimming
Lauren Eckler Women’s Soccer
Daniel Frank Men’s Tennis
Erin Giannotta Softball
Christopher Gordon Men’s Golf
Brian Greathouse Men’s Soccer
Matthew Gunsorek Football
Alexander Harris Football
Zane Havens Men’s Swimming
Jacob Heinrich Football
Sean Hendon Men’s Basketball
John Jacisin Men’s Cross Country, Men’s Track
Rachel Kain Women’s Soccer
Jacob Lane Men’s Swimming
Matthew Lozier Football
Jordan Marchewka Men’s Soccer
Lauren McLaughlin Women’s Cross Country
Melissa Megerian Women’s Golf
Nathan Merling Football
Scott Merritt Men’s Golf
Morgan Reed Women’s Golf
Rachael Restum Women’s Swimming
Brett Timmer Baseball
Alyssa Tropea Softball
Colleen Vierk Women’s Track
Timothy Wernet Men’s Basketball
Hollis Williams Women’s Swimming