2016 Chi Alpha Sigma Inductees

Congratulations to the following student-athletes who were inducted into Albion College’s chapter of Chi Alpha Sigma in April 2016! Each has earned a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or higher and has won a varsity letter in at least one sport in the past year.

Julia Anderson (Softball)
Derek Bosko (Men’s Swimming)
Robert Budlong (Men’s Soccer)
Lauren Cross (Women’s Soccer)
Erik Davis (Men’s Cross Country)
Andrew DiFranco (Football)
Jonathan DiNunzio (Men’s Soccer)
Michael Dussel (Football)
Matthew Falls (Men’s Golf)
Michael Fischbach (Baseball)
Roxanne Ford (Women’s Golf)
Marius Froehlich (Men’s Tennis)
Alice Garvin (Softball)
Christine Gauss (Women’s Tennis)
Anna Hargrove (Women’s Swimming)
Zachary Hubbell (Men’s Lacrosse)
Benjamin Kolanowski (Men’s Track)
Bryce LaBar (Football)
Aurora Lobatos (Women’s Indoor Track)
Elena Luce (Softball)
Connor Maddalena (Men’s Golf)
Ami Milligan (Volleyball)
Angela Morrison (Women’s Indoor Track)
Stephanie Norwood (Women’s Track)
Kayla Paquette (Women’s Soccer)
Lauren Pawelec (Women’s Swimming)
Maisey Peterson (Women’s Indoor Track)
Andrew Prince (Men’s Soccer)
Lauren Rasmussen (Women’s Tennis)
Olivia Savage (Women’s Basketball)
Cameron Schmidt (Women’s Soccer)
Jessica Shaw (Women’s Cross Country)
Kylene Slocum (Women’s Swimming)
Nicholas Smith (Men’s Swimming)
Stephanie Thurner (Volleyball)
Sebastian Tostado (Men’s Swimming)
Erica Wagner (Softball)
Ryan Watson (Men’s Indoor Track)
Alyssa Wright (Women’s Track)
Kelly Wright (Women’s Soccer)
Jason Zahran (Men’s Basketball)
Emily Zgoda (Women’s Basketball)

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