Heather Betz

Montoye, A. H., Pfeiffer, K. A., Alaimo, K., Betz, H. H., Paek, H.-J., Carlson, J. J., et al. (2013). Junk Food Consumption and Screen Time: Association With Childhood Adiposity. American Journal of Health Behavior, 37(3), 395-403.

Objectives: To determine the joint association of junk food consumption (JFC) and screen time (ST) with adiposity in children.  Methods: Two hundred fourteen (121 girls, 93 boys) third-to-fifth-grade students (54% Hispanic, 35% African American, 8% white) completed a lifestyle behavior survey, which included self-reported JFC and ST, as part of a school-based lifestyle intervention program. Results: Neither JFC nor ST, independently or jointly, was associated with adiposity measures. JFC and ST were significantly correlated (r = .375). Conclusions: The low achievement of physical activity and screen time recommendations and high prevalence of overweight/obesity in this mostly minority, low socioeconomic status population indicates a potential focus for intervention.

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