Species Reports

Only two days until we head out!

Besides the readings for the class, students have been hard at work on species reports and presentations. We’ve been hearing about all sorts of things including:


The gopher tortoise (by Ashli Wilson), and the:


Scrub Jay (by Lacie Carter).

The students become our resident experts on these species and might be called on in the middle of our travels in the Keys and Everglades to remind us about the fact of these creatures.

Other species have included cypress trees, manatees, Key deers, zebra longwings, horseshoe crabs, word stork and corals.

4 Responses to “Species Reports”

  1. Ashli B's Big Sister says:

    I know for sure that your research you did on the gopher tortoise was excellent and you did a wonderful job! I will stay tuned for upcoming post that you guys post KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!! I LOVE U ASHLI KEEP MAKING ME PROUD!!!!!

  2. Ashli B's mom says:

    I’m glad you guys got to your destination safely hope the research is all that you hope that it is keep me posted and keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!

  3. vmccaffrey says:

    Thanks! Be sure to check back often for more photos. Tomorrow should have some great ones.

  4. Sounds like your having a great time. Bring back the sunshine!! We miss and love you.

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