Meaningful Play and Meaningful Games


Hello there, Albion! This is the first post for the new site, Game to Learn. This site will aggregate the resources collected by the library regarding games for pedagogy.

Here you’ll find descriptions of games and game equipment the library is currently supporting. You’ll also find information about which instructors are teaching using which games (updated as we find out what you’re up to in class!). Additionally, look for discussions of gamification, game and course design, campus-wide games and gaming possibilities, and more!

Keep coming back – we’ll update the site as often as we have new information to share!

-Respectfully yours, the Games Interest Group
(Lisa Lewis, Andy Boyan, Guy Cox, Ian MacInnes, Megan O’Neill, Cheryl Blackwell, Amity Reading, Jocelyn McWhirter, Gary Wahl, Nicole Garrett)

This work was supported by a grant from the Hewlett Mellon Fund for Faculty Development at Albion College, Albion, MI.