Silence…What do YOU mean?

When someone is silent, it does not mean they are not not communicating with someone.  So much can be communicated through silence.  Things such as anger, exhaustion, contentment, discomfort, awkwardness, and so many more can be translated just by choosing not to speak.  We have all had personal experiences with messages through silence.  In Western culture we are so used to filling all our time with noise.  We listen to music, television, other people, cars, and everything else that fills the almost silent times in our lives.  Silence is such an ambiguous nonverbal kind of communication.  We all use silence to communicate so many different things in our personal lives, and others do the same. Other people’s messages could be drastically different than the one you personally portray when being silent.

Is silence important enough to twitter about?

We make so many mistakes as to why people are being silent.  Some give the silent treatment in order to convey anger and frustration towards the individual.  Often when someone chooses not to talk or respond to me, I automatically assume they are angry with me or annoyed with our conversation. Even though the person could be completely exhausted, or content to think about what I said without response.  The meaning of silence is also greatly dependent on the situation and context.  When talking in a class setting your teacher may choose to end their presentation and stand in silence.  Teachers may mean this to encourage the students to think over what they just said, it may be a warning to the class to quiet down, or it could be to encourage students to participate and ask questions.  We read into silence many times as a negative thing, but it is not always a bad thing.  Think about what you mean when you are silent, and give someone else’s silence a little more thought before jumping to assumptions.
(What do you think your doctor means when he/she is silent?)
In Western culture we like to fill the silence with things like music…
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