New Children’s Book Teaches Important Lessons About 3D Printing
Feb 17th, 2017 by snoah

by Sarah Noah

3D printing started as a niche activity. It was for engineers and developers. However, in recent years 3D printing is reaching new groups – appearing in medicine, education, and even in average, everyday homes.

Today, there are 3D printers that can print with plastic, nylon, wood, cement and even candy. There are hand held 3D pens, called the 3Doodler, that allows both children and adults to start experimenting with 3D printing, there are even houses all over the world that have been built by a 3D printer.

So, it should come as no surprise that Jeffrey Ito, graduate of the University of Southern California with a Bachelors of Science in Industrial & Systems Engineering and SAP specialization, is making an effort to teach children more about 3D printing.

Ito recently released a new children’s book Peter and Pablo the Printer: Adventures in Making the Future. The book follows a 7-year-old boy named Peter who starts 3D printing toys. The book explores how children can use 3D printing to help others and even make new friends. It also suggests there are some items that can be dangerous if 3D printed.

Peter and Pablo the Printer: Adventures in Making the Future is free on Amazon Kindle until February 20, 2017.

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