2012 Student Presentation Schedule

The Twenty-Third Annual Elkin R. Isaac Student Research Symposium

Student Presentation Schedule

Thursday, April 19, 2012


8:30 am    Anna Miller, Stephanie Sanders (Metz)
Uptake and Impacts of Silver Nanoparticles on Brassica rapa

8:45 am    Patrick Underwood (Rohlman)
Activation of Protein Kinase G as a Possible Colon Cancer Therapy

9:00 am    Taylor Harding (Saville)
Proteasome and Alpha-Synuclein Interaction in a Drosophila Model of Parkinson’s Disease

9:15 am    Jessica Koehler (Olapade)
Detection of Escherichia coli’s Beta-glucuronidase Gene from Environmental Samples using Combinations of Conventional and Real Time PCR Approaches

9:30 am    Nicholas Lessnau (McCaffrey)
Substituent Effects on the Chemistry of Dioxovanadium(V) Complexes

9:45 am    Emily Stephens (French)
Synthesis of Chiral Hypervalent Iodine Organocatalysts

10:00 am    Jonathan Rennhack (Saville)
Analysis of Dominant Temperature-Sensitive Mutations in Drosophila melanogaster


1:15 pm    Nicholas Herrman (McCaffrey)
Synthesis of Diformylated Substituted Phenols and Corresponding Copper and Vanadium Macrocyclic

1:30 pm    Kala Mapes (Kennedy, White)
Feeding Calls of House Wrens: Analyses of Call Features and Responses of Nestlings to Playback Experiments

1:45 pm    Holly Farris (Zellner)
Analyzing Hydrated Salt Solutions at the Phoenix Landing Site on Mars

2:00 pm    Lyndsey Reynolds (Metz)
Characterization and Optimization of Palladium Nanoparticles on Porous Polycarbonate Membranes as a Catalyst for the Suzuki Coupling Reaction

2:15 pm    Michael Dix (Metz)
Palladium Nanoparticles on Carbon Planchets as a Catalyst for the Suzuki Coupling Reaction

2:30 pm    Jeffrey Smith (Harris)
Palladium Nanoparticle Catalyzed Suzuki Reactions: The Effect of Variation in Phenylbromide Substitution

2:45 pm    Daniel Warshauer (Wilch)
Using Photogrammetry to Analyze Crevasse Morphology in the Juneau Icefield, Alaska

3:00 pm    Mark Hymes (T. Lincoln)
Nitrate in the Kalamazoo River: Sources and Temporal Variations

3:15 pm    Kenneth Gibbons (T. Lincoln)
Ground Water-Surface Water Interaction in the Kalamazoo River

3:30 pm    Monica Davis (Lyons-Sobaski)
The Effect of Microwaves on Plant Germination, Growth and Reproduction

3:45 pm    Rebecca Cotteleer (Skean)
Comparison of Calycogonium glabratum and C. rhamnoideum (Melastomataceae) on Jamaica

4:00 pm    Courtney Pickworth (Rabquer)
The Role of the Soluble JAM Family of Molecules in Angiogenesis

FORUM #2 – Towsley Lecture Hall/Norris 101 – MORNING SESSION

8:30 am    Jason Martin (Wickre)
The Threat of “Vice and Folly” in Eighteenth Century British Satire: The Effeminate Macaroni and the Emergence of a New Masculine Ideal

8:45 am    Maria Smith (Dick)
Depictions of Women in American Silent Film: The Influence of Professional Women in Early American Cinema

9:00 am    Abbey Jensen (McIlhagga)
Building a Curriculum Framework for Performing Ensembles

9:15 am    Lucas Florin (Ball)
Choreographing Beethoven: Conducting the Odd-Numbered Symphonies

9:30 am    Gabriella Vezzosi (Wickre)
Native American Artwork: A Glimpse of Acoma Pottery

9:45 am    Rebekah Kroesing (Ball, Benner)
“Oh, quante volte” from I Capuleti e I Montecchi by Vincenzo Bellini and “Chacun le sait” from La Fille du Régiment by Gaetano Donizetti

10:00 am  Jason Martin (Wickre)
“Scarcely Understood by the Minds of Men”: Indications of Same Sex Desire in Michelangelo’s Words and Art

FORUM #2 – Towsley Lecture Hall/Norris 101 – AFTERNOON SESSION

1:15 pm    Ashley Hull (Brown)
Tethered: Short Stories

1:30 pm    Nathan Masserang (Mesa)
Suburbane: A Collection of Poetry

1:45 pm    Emily Thomson (MacInnes)
Women and Liturgical Drama

2:00 pm    Emily Hopkins (Mesa)
Sphygmomanometer: Poems

2:15 pm    Elizabeth Heimler (Roberts)
Between the Stitches: Stories of Knitting Design

2:30 pm    Michelle Valentine (Henke)
British Romanticism through Lord Byron and Felicia Hemans

2:45 pm    Audrey Huggett (Lockyer)
Violent Motherhood as a Recognition of Humanity in Toni Morrison’s Novels

3:00 pm    Calvin Walds (Dixon)
James Baldwin, Ralph Ellison, and the “Negro’s” Humanity in 20th Century American Literature

3:15 pm    Chelsea Marsh (Kirby)
The Nature of Music: A Philosophical Analysis

3:30 pm    Michael Albani (Dick)
Truly a Crime: A Novel


8:30 am    Cari Drolet (Hill)
Victim Blaming Increases When Sexual Assault Cases Do Not Go To Trial

8:45 am    Courtney Pickworth (Keyes)
Philosophies and Success Rates of Anorexia Nervosa Treatment: A Pilot Study

9:00 am    Ryan Walker (Wieth)
The Effects of Friendship Level on the Use of the Anchoring Heuristic: Who Do You Trust?

9:15 am    Brian Weiss (Hill)
Moms, Dads, Religion, and Cognition: Authoritarian Parenting Predicts Religious Fundamentalism and Cognitive Style

9:30 am    Nicole Ferrara (Wilson)
Escape and Avoidance Learning in the Earthworm

9:45 am    Alice Coyne (Melzer)
“What Do You Do?” How Unemployed Men and Stay-at-Home Dads Respond to Not Being Breadwinners


1:15 pm    Jessica Berndt (Thiels)
Sex, Blood and the Living Dead: Sexuality and Vampire Folklore

1:30 pm    Lauren Roberts (Melzer)
Challenging Binaries: Processing Intersex Identities

1:45 pm    Katie Broekema (Erlandson)
A Media Content Analysis of Newspaper Coverage of Cystic Fibrosis and Sickle Cell Anemia

2:00 pm    Courtney Flook (Henke)
An Alternative English Curriculum: Reflecting on Pedagogy and Student Centered Learning in Semiotic Instruction

2:15 pm    Heather Nobert (Skean)
A Survey of Parkage Trees in Selected Albion Neighborhoods

2:30 pm    Carly Colombo (Grossman)
State and Society in Global Perspective: The Case of South Sudan

2:45 pm    Katie Kirsch (Yewah)
Globalization and its Discontent: The case of Batchingou, Cameroon

3:00 pm    Pryce Hadley (Dick)
Prospects for Sustainable Development in Suriname

3:15 pm    Sandra Nahra (Kanter)
Marketing to Second-Generation U.S. Latinos: How Culture Impacts Perception


8:30 am    Mark Balle, Aaron Croad, Jenna Laur, Adélie Noël, Hamza Oufighou, Thomas Vasnier  (Baker, Towhill)
Business Plan Development: An International Partnership between the USA and France – AirMid

8:45 am    Caroline Dobbins, Alex Pierson, Nouara Chemaa, Antoine Corré, Nicolas Lavialle, Benoît Smetko  (Baker, Towhill)
Business Plan Development: An International Partnership between the USA and France – Car Care

9:00 am    Nicole Ferrara, Lauren Levy, Patrick Marques, Boubakar Toure, Bénédicte Vandembergue, Nadia Zerouali  (Baker, Towhill)
Business Plan Development: An International Partnership between the USA and France – Robot Fish

9:15 am    Natalie Hewitt, Amber Myers, Valère Cretaz, Priscilla Moreira, Charles Nastorg, Jean-Philippe Rocher   (Baker, Towhill)
Business Plan Development: An International Partnership between the USA and France – E-Walk

9:30 am    Jacob Engel (Bollman)
Spider Craps: Simulation and Statistical Analysis of Casino Game Variations

9:45 am    Sophia Potoczak (Mason)
A Probabilistic Model of Large Woody Debris Movement and Distribution in Small Mountain Streams

10:00 am  Aaron Croad (Mason, Christiansen)
Optimal Repayment of Student Loans: The Effect of Interest Rates and an Individual’s Time Preference



1:15 pm    Chelsea Denault (Dick)
“History is Bunk”: Henry Ford and Greenfield Village

1:30 pm    Chloe Collins (Dick, Cocks)
American Housewives and Prescription Drugs, the 1950s and 1960s

1:45 pm    Heather de Bari (Cocks)
A Comparative Analysis of Soviet Military Strategy in the Siege of Leningrad and the Battle of Stalingrad,

2:00 pm    Justin DeHondt (Hagerman)
The Visigothic Kingdom of Toulouse: Conflict and Cooperation with the Roman Empire

2:15 pm    Salaina Catalano (Dick)
The Greatest Generation: The Life of Fran Klix Huegli

2:30 pm    Chris Blaker (Dick)
The Greatest Generation: Eugene Yehl, from Milwaukee to Iwo Jima and Back

2:45 pm    Casey Monahan (Hagerman)
Spy Fever and British Counter-Espionage Action during the Great War

POSTER PRESENTATIONS – Science Complex Atrium, 4:00-5:00 p.m.

Erica Bennett, Casey Waun (Zellner, McCaffrey)
Chemistry of Glycolaldehyde and Dihydroxyacetone after High Velocity Impacts: Initial Experiments and Results

Caitlin Bolick (Rohlman)
Transcription Optimization of Anabaena Group I RNA Ribozymes

Xinya Dai, Justin Fragnoli, Heather Rausch, Victoria Slater (Hogg)
Google Online Marketing Challenge

Ryan Dolan, Troy Ferrio, Ben Iwen, Niki Torskiy (Hogg)
Google Online Marketing Challenge

Thomas Fontana (Bartels)
Eocene Turtles from the Distal Deposits of the Cathedral Bluffs Tongue (Wasatch Formation), Red Desert,

Aaron Hiday, Abigail Williams (Wilch, T. Lincoln)
Assessment of Diel Cycling in Agricultural Streams in South-Central Michigan – A Focus on Turbidity

Sam Jabara, Tom Newvine, Alex Pierson (Hogg)
Google Online Marketing Challenge

John Jacisin (Bartels)
Fossil Reptiles from the Late Early Eocene (Wasatchian, Lostcabinian) of the Red Desert, Wyoming

Geoffrey Knight (Hill)
Managing Uncertainty: Preference for Predictability and the Relationship between Religiosity and Prejudice

Zachary Kribs (Christopher)
Personality Differences in Time of Day Preference

Nicholas Long (McCaffrey)
Comparative Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds in Opened Wine

Alyssa Olson (Wilch)
Reconstruction of 200 Years of Anthropogenic Influences on the Upper Kalamazoo River and Rice Creek

Kaitlyn Pospiech (T. Lincoln)
An Investigation of the Behavior of Phosphate in a Surface Water System

Brandon Sams (French)
Synthesis of a C2-Symmetric Chiral Aryl Iodine Organocatalyst

Joshua Sams (Bartels)
A GIS Analysis of the Density Distribution of Epizoans on Mucrospirifer thedfordensis (Brachiopoda, Spiriferida) from the Middle Devonian of Ontario

Carl Wharam (B. Moss)
Progressive Resistance Training in Older Adults