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Author B

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  • Stefan Says:

    This is a fantastic paper. You do a great job to explain the views that you introduce into your paper. The only issue I had was in seeing how (in your example of the buying lettuce over cupcakes) wasn’t deterministic in nature. I didn’t see how buying the lettuce was not determined if it was the persons desire to buy cupcakes. Seems kinda like the evils of determinism at hand. But that is a minor issue overall, you wrote a great paper.

  • Jack Gibbs Says:

    Good paper. I think you could go into deeper depth regarding the topic of free will. You provide a good general summary of each topic with a source credited to it. Still I would like to have a better understanding of the Lewis’ view as it is being combated by Beebee.

  • ANON Says:

    This paper could use further revisions on some clarity issues. More sources need to be identified in the works cited. The subject matter of the paper could be more narrowly identified as well in terms of the objective/goal of the paper. However, the introduction gives a great way of introducing the material as well as clearly explaining the point of the paper.

  • Sarah Says:

    This essay is not very focused. The final conclusion does not match with the original thesis.

  • Deb Says:

    It was nice how you organised your paragraphs. the argument and explanation of the theory was done well. Although the conclusion does not seem to follow up with your thesis argument. Examples are used well but it gets a little big confusing with the lettuce analogy.

  • Jamie Says:

    Overall this was a good paper, and I really enjoyed how you showed various philosophers arguments about determinism and free will in order to then make your own point of view on the subject.

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