Author C

Harry Frankfurt talks about alternate possibilities and moral responsibility

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  • Stefan Says:

    Your thoughts seem a little jumbled and you could be plenty more clear in your explanation of argument and objections.

  • Jack Gibbs Says:

    Good paper. I liked the comparison you made between the two authors. I may have missed this in the essay, but I don’t recall seeing anything that explains what PAP is and how it works. I feel an explanation is essential for this as it works within the rest of your paper.

  • ANON Says:

    Use other sources to help further strengthen your paper and cite the sources that you did use. The format for the paper was well-organized and easy to follow. The thesis needs to be more clearly identified at the beginning of the paper. Re-read the paper for grammar and spelling errors. The author of this paper could also provide much more input from his/her position on the topics being discussed in the paper.

  • Sarah Says:

    Frankfurt’s examples are well explained, however the essay lacks focus at times.

  • Deb Says:

    Citation is needed.Overall, it was a good paper.check on the choice of diction used to explain the examples. Proofreading might help

  • Jamie Says:

    The use of comparing and contrasting the thoughts of the two authors strengthens your paper, and makes it an overall good read.

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