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Lewis Counterfactuals-1

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  • Jack Gibbs Says:

    Good paper. I thought it covered Lewis’ view of causation very well. I thought it was well detailed and rich with examples. I would like to have a better understanding of Streven’s argument specifically relating to his counterexample. Over than that good job.

  • ANON Says:

    The introduction of the paper needs to state the thesis in a more precise manner. The overall writing and clarity of the paper is good. The way you go about explaining other authors’ positions as well as your own could be done in way that isn’t quite as wordy as your explanations are in the draft. The structure between each point or topic could be more distinct as well.

  • Stefan Says:

    All and all a well writen paper. You do an excellent job of summarizing the presented peices of work and there is a very nice display of how the thoeries butt heads and over come each other. However, it would be much better to hear your opinion more. Possibly if you formulated your own ideas on the subject or just pointed out more explicitly which, of the arguments you present, you agree with and why.

  • Sarah Says:

    This paper was well written. The examples were clear, and the essay was focused.

  • Deb Says:

    It was nice within the paper how you portrayed your view using alphabet variables to make your point. It was a really good comparison made between the Lewis’s positions and Strephen’s counterexamples.Overall the paper was clear and to the point concluding your opinion when comparing between Lewis and counterexamples provided by Strephen.

  • Jamie Says:

    Paper was very well written, and focused on the main topic. However, if you could put your own opinions and thoughts into the paper more, it would be interesting to hear some of your examples of counterfactuals.

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