Author F

Metaphysics Paper-1

4 Responses to “Author F”

  • Jack Gibbs Says:

    Same paper. See comments on Author D

  • ANON Says:

    Provide further explanation for your points – some of them seem to be a bit vague. The transitions between paragraphs and each topic within the paper could more smooth. Also, I would read through the paper again for grammar and spelling mistakes. Other than that – a good solid term paper!

  • Stefan Says:

    This is a repeat of D

  • Deb Says:

    Good start out explaining the theme of the paper well at the beginning. Throughout the paper you are trying to prove a point arguing against but I think it would be more helpful if you came up with an example for each of the reasons you are trying to prove to give up certain beliefs.This will help you strengthen your arguments against.Overall it was a really good paper

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