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  • ANON Says:

    Attempt to create more connections between sentences and ideas throughout the paper. I also experienced some trouble understanding your description of Louis’ position as well as your objections; try using your own words to explain what he is saying instead of simply quoting numerous statements from his article for describing his position and try not to be as wordy as you give your objections. Other than that, there were various grammar and spelling mistakes that were probably the cause of typos. Also, research other articles or philosophers on the subject matter of your paper so you can make the paper stronger by providing more information on the subject as well as helping to back up your opinions.

  • Jack Gibbs Says:

    Good job. I thought this paper did a good job of explaining the example of time travel and how it would work including the grandfather paradox. I would like to read more about the metaphysical implications that are brought on by time travel and I would also like to see some views other than Lewis in regards to time travel.

  • Stefan Says:

    I like the counter examples that you present. they are good and I agree with them, but I think you could better explain them. Maybe go back and explain them in a more explicit way so that it makes more sense. Otherwise you do a fine job explaining Lewis and I appreciate the way you go about producing your objections.

  • Sarah Says:

    The counterexample about traveling back to the exact coordinates is fascinating and should have been elaborated on in the essay. Some of the analyses of Lewis’ examples were not clear.

  • Deb Says:

    I really like you paper. It was clear throughout, i liked the way you explained all your examples and you portrayed your understanding by adding a conclusion to each of you examples through your opinions.While you revise the paper again just at the beginning you used ‘I’ a lot of times.Instead you possibly say “it could not…” But overall it was straight to the point.

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