Materials Handling

All materials in the Albion College Archives and Special Collections are historically valuable and most cannot be found elsewhere. All items are maintained under security in closed, environmentally controlled stacks to aid in their preservation. The staff is committed to working with researchers to make their visit as productive as possible.

Handling Policies

In order to use the collections, researchers must abide by the following policies:

  • Present photo identification and fill out the researcher registration form.
  • Deposit all bags, briefcases, coats, parcels, umbrellas, etc. in the locked cabinet in the Stockwell Room.
  • Review one item at a time.
  • Refrain from eating or drinking.
  • Handle materials carefully.
  • Take notes in pencil only. We have extra on hand.
  • Use the provided hand sanitizer.
  • Use gloves when handling photographic materials, materials of great age, or when required by the archivist.
  • Refrain from marking, defacing, or altering items in any way.
  • Keep archival and manuscript materials in original order. If you find material damaged or out of proper order, report the problem immediately to a staff member.
  • Return all materials to a staff member when finished, so that the items can be examined for any damage and/or missing parts. The borrower must be present while items are being examined, so please allow enough time when returning materials for this process to be completed.

Additional Policies:

  • Photocopying of the material is possible, at the discretion of the archivist.
  • Digital photography is permitted. However, please refrain from using flash.
  • Theft or mutilation of materials will result in prosecution. Failure to return materials in the condition in which they were lent will result in fines for repair, restoration, or replacement (if possible).
  • Materials do not circulate outside of Archives and Special Collections, except with special written permission from the Archivist.
  • Permission to publish all or part of materials housed in the Archives and Special Collections must be requested in writing. For some collections, copyright must also be obtained from the copyright holder(s).
  • Please cite materials as follows:
    • For Archival Collections: [item], folder, box, [Collection #]: [Collection Title], Archives and Special Collections, Albion College Library, Albion College. Albion, MI.

Book of Mormon Policies

  • Researchers must wear gloves at all times.
  • The book must stay on a book pillow provided.
  • Researchers are not allowed to handle the book. Any page turning must be conducted by a staff member.
  • Photography is allowed without flash.

For further assistance, please consult a staff member.