Circulation and Check-Out

Circulation Information: Contents

How do I borrow books, DVDs, etc.?

Library materials that circulate (can leave the library) must be checked out at the Circulation Desk (on the main floor of Stockwell) with either a current Albion College ID card or a Community Borrower’s Card. An Albion College ID is available to students as well as faculty and staff (and their dependents). A special Community Borrower card can be issued for members of the 7th Congressional District, which allows them to check out government documents.

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How do I get a Community Borrower library card?

Anyone who comes to the library is welcome to use our materials on-site. However, if you want to check out materials, and you’re not affiliated with the College, you need a Community Borrower library card.

To get a Community Borrower library card, please see the Circulation Services Coordinator during business hours. If you are a member of the Albion District Library in good standing, you will receive a plastic ID card from campus IT. We have a reciprocal agreement with the Albion District Library through which we offer Community Borrower library cards to selected patrons free of charge. In order to qualify, you need to:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Live in Albion, Albion Township, or Sheridan Township
  • Have fewer than 2 overdue items at the Albion District Library
  • Owe less than $2 in overdue fines at the Albion District Library

You are also eligible for a card if you are:

  • A spouse or child of an Albion College faculty or staff member
  • An Albion College alum
  • A Michigan Methodist minister or other area-of-service clergy member
  • An area-of-service librarian
  • An area-of-service school teacher
  • A Starr Commonwealth (Albion campus) faculty member or administrator
  • An Albion High School Phi Beta Kappa award winner (1 year only)

As a Community Borrower, you may borrow up to 10 items at once, and up to five VHS/DVDs at once.

Because we are obligated to serve Albion College students and faculty first, we are not able to provide Inter-Library Loan services, check out laptops or course reserves, or provide printing/copying services to Community Borrowers. Your Community Borrower library card is good for one year, after which you may renew it with us (assuming you are still in good standing).

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How long can I keep what I’ve borrowed?

Archives non-circulating non-circulating non-circulating non-circulating
Books (circulating) 1 year (autorenew) 1 year
End of term
(no renewals)
30 days (no renewals)
Gov. Documents 1 year (autorenew) 1 year (autorenew) End of term
(no renewals)
30 days (no renewals)
Power Cords, Calculators
4 hours (no renewals) 4 hours (no renewals) 4 hours (no renewals) non-circulating
MeLCat Books 21 days (1 renewal) 21 days (1 renewal) 21 days (1 renewal) non-circulating
MeLCat Videos 7 days (no renewals) 7 days (no renewals) 7 days (no renewals) non-circulating
Music CDs
1 week (4 renewals) 1 week (4 renewals) 1 week (4 renewals) 1 week (no renewals)
Periodicals non-circulating non-circulating non-circulating non-circulating
Reference non-circulating non-circulating non-circulating non-circulating

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What if I want to keep my items longer?

Eligible items can be renewed online by signing in to your library account.  If the item can no longer be renewed, contact the circulation department at or 517-629-0489 (on campus x0489).  (NOTE MeLCat books can be renewed once; MeLCat audio/video items can not be renewed.

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I have the call number–where do I look now?

Call # Location Oversize Location [where applicable]
A – E Mudd 3 Mudd 3: Oversize
F – L Mudd 1 Mudd 1 Oversize
M – N Stockwell 308 Stockwell 308 Oversize
P – PN2284 Stockwell Tier 3 Stockwell Tier 3 Oversize
PN2285 – PR6022. E282 Stockwell Tier 2 N/A
PR6023 – end of Ps Stockwell Tier 1 Stockwell Tier 1 Oversize
Q – Z Stockwell 110 Stockwell 110 Oversize
DVDs Mudd 1 N/A
Children’s Literature Mudd 1 N/A
CDs Mudd 2 (main floor) N/A
Government Documents Mudd 1 N/A
New Books Cutler Commons/Stockwell Entrance N/A
Rare Books Mudd 3 Rare/Archives Rare Oversize
Course Reserves Circulation Desk N/A
Storage Attic Attic Oversize
Laptops Circulation Desk N/A

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What if what I’m looking for isn’t where it’s supposed to be?

If you do not find the book you want on the shelf, ask the Circulation Desk attendant. We’ll let you know when we find the book or, if it’s lost, whether it’s possible to replace it. If the library doesn’t own the item, you may request it through MeLCat or Interlibrary Loan.

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What if the item I’m looking for is already checked out?

When the book you want is checked out, use MeLCat or interlibrary loan (ILLiad).  If you don’t need the item right away, you can place a hold on the item and you will receive a notification when it is returned.

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How do I know when my items are due?

The Circulation Desk attendant will inform you of the due date(s) upon checkout and you will receive an email confirmation. You can also check your account online. You may also receive notices that your materials are overdue.

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How much are late fines?

We do not charge overdue fines.  However, if items checked out to you are declared lost, you will be charged a $50 replacement fee (for each item).  If you return the lost item, your account will be refunded.

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Where are course reserves and where can I find them?

Faculty members put selected materials on reserve for their courses. These can only be checked out for a short time to allow all students in the course a chance to use them.

Course reserves are located at the circulation desk.  You can search course reserves online.

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How much are the fines for late course reserves?

If you fail to return items from course reserves, you will be charged a $50 lost item replacement fee.  If you return the lost item, your account will be refunded.

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What should I do if I’ve lost a library book?

Please report all lost books to the Circulation Services Coordinator (ext. 0383) ASAP.

You will be charged a $50 replacement fee for each item you’ve lost.  However, if you return the lost item(s), your account will be refunded.

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Where can I pick up InterLibrary Loan or MeLCat items that have come in for me?

Most MeLCat and ILL(InterLibrary Loan) items will be waiting for you at the Circulation Desk. Journal articles will either come to your e-mail or your campus mailbox. Questions?  Contact the circulation department at or 517-629-0489 (on campus x0489)

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Ahhh! I still need help!

The Circulation Desk attendants can assist with many problems! If you still need help with Circulation questions (circulation policy, help with billing problems), ask for the Circulation Services Coordinator or call x0383 during normal business hours. Librarians are also available for reference assistance if your question is not circulation-related; contact a librarian for research assistance.

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