Wendell B. Will Faculty Room Guidelines for Use

 Wendell B. Will Faculty Room

The Wendell B. Will Room is available for use by Albion College faculty and their guests. Albion College organizations, departments, and programs may apply to use the room for meetings, speakers, and other academic events by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.
The room may be reserved during the normal operating hours of the library only.

Requests for scheduling the room should be made at least two days prior to the date needed. The Will Faculty Room is not to be used as a regular classroom, although faculty may invite student guests. The room will seat a maximum of approximately 50 people for an event.

Rules for Using the Will Room:

Candles may not be used.

• If furniture is rearranged, it must be put back after use. PLEASE MOVE FURNITURE CAREFULLY – DO NOT SLIDE OR DRAG!

• Catering is available through Dining & Hospitality Services at 517-629-0318. Please note that if any food or drink is used on the large dining table then a tablecloth must also be used. Tablecloths can be obtained through Dining and Hospitality Services.

• The room must be cleaned at the conclusion of the event. All trash must be placed in bags, tied and placed in the hallway outside the rear door. Do not leave food in the refrigerator.

• Alcoholic beverages may not be served in the Wendell B. Will Faculty Room without prior approval from the President’s or Provost’s Office.

• Windows should not be opened. Blinds must stay down, but may be tilted to allow adequate lighting. Please put blinds back to a slight upward incline before leaving.

• Copies of books by Albion College faculty and visiting authors are located in the desk at the southwest end of the room and may be examined in the room only. Anyone wishing to examine an item on display in one of the locked bookcases should request permission from the Library Administration.

Failure to abide by these rules will result in denial of future use of the room.

Request the room.