Brief History of MACTLAC


As a part of the centennial celebration of Monmouth College in 1952, the chemistry department, under the leadership of Professor W.S. Haldeman, invited to the campus as guests of the College for a conference on teaching of chemistry, faculties of a large number of neighboring institutions. In issuing the call for this conference, Professor Haldeman stated, “it is ironical that many of us have labored so long in the same geographical area and during this time have gotten to know so little of one another. If this conference serves to widen and deepen our acquaintance and to give us insights with respect to our work, it will have been a worthy feature during Monmouth’s anniversary year.”

Ninety representatives from 53 colleges attended the meeting, which included challenging addresses by well-known chemists as well as six small discussion groups organized around common teaching and administrative problems. The response to this kind of meeting was so great that steps were soon taken to form a permanent organization, and subsequent annual meetings were held in October at colleges in the Midwestern area with due regard for a good spread of geographical location from year to year.

For more information about the history of the Association, please contact MACTLAC archivist Brad Sturgeon, Monmouth College

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