Meeting Host Duties


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Revised October, 2009

 The duties of the host institution include the following:

  1. Plan and organize the meeting program, including securing speakers and discussion leaders. An appropriate person at the host institution serves as the Program Coordinator. This individual, or a representative, should be present at the annual Friday Executive Council meeting the year before the institution hosts the annual meeting. Tentative dates and special plans for the next MACTLAC meeting will be discussed at this Executive Council meeting. The Program Coordinator should keep the MACTLAC Secretary-Treasurer and President informed on progress in planning the meeting program. A tentative program should be sent to all State Representatives and MACTLAC officers by May 1.
  2. The spring semester prior to the meeting the host institution is strongly encouraged to send a postcard to each MACTLAC member advertising the meeting, giving the theme, preliminary plans, and the date of the meeting.  The Secretary-Treasurer will provide to the host institution mailing labels for this mailing, and postage cost will be reimbursed by MACTLAC to the host institution.
  3. Arrange for meals for the MACTLAC meeting (Friday evening dinner and Saturday luncheon for those who register and pay for meals) and the EXECUTIVE COUNCIL MEETINGS (Friday and Saturday luncheons in a separate room). Refreshments should be provided for breaks for Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.
  4. Provide suitable rooms for the Association meetings including a large meeting room for general sessions and a number of smaller rooms for discussion sessions.
  5. Assure that sufficient housing is available at nearby motels and/or hotels, preferably blocks of rooms set aside for “MACTLAC Meeting”. Assemble information on accommodations and rates which can be sent out to the membership in advance. The host institution, in cooperation with the MACTLAC Secretary-Treasurer, is responsible for sending out information on the meeting. Meeting participants normally make their own motel reservations directly.
  6. In early August to mid-August, send an e-mail reminder to all MACTLAC members with details about the meeting so they will have information when planning course syllabi.  Then send out the meeting information to members by first class mail by the first week of September.
  7. Provide printed material concerning the Fall meeting program, registration and meal charges, housing information, travel directions, campus maps, etc., which should be mailed with the meeting announcement. The announcement of the fall meeting should be sent to the members by first class mail. The name of the Program Coordinator (contact person) and telephone numbers should be included with this mailing. MACTLAC will pay for postage costs for the meeting arrangements and program announcement mailing. A separate record of all postage costs should be maintained for reimbursement. The MACTLAC Secretary-Treasurer will mail a packet of member dues statements to the host institution to be included in the August/September mailing (to be mailed by the first week of September) of the Fall Meeting Program and Registration announcement to save the mailing expense of two separate mailings. The Secretary-Treasurer is responsible for providing the Program Coordinator with a set of mailing labels for the meeting announcements and for the spring postcard mailing. The Program Coordinator should look at the states that neighbor the MACTLAC boundaries, particularly when the host school is near a boundary, for potential schools to invite to the Annual Meeting. To help in this effort, the Program Coordinator should enlist the State Representatives.
  8. Your State Representative will be coordinating with you to see that graduate students in PhD granting institutions in your state are invited to the meeting.  Your role as host will be to plan some type of breakout session(s) that will appeal to graduate students who might aspire to teach in the environment of a MACTLAC school.  This can be a real recruitment tool for our organization.
  9. Handle meeting registration and payment record keeping. (All checks should be payable to MACTLAC). This includes receiving advance registrations by mail and arranging for and staffing the registration desk on Friday. All meeting receipts are transferred to the MACTLAC Secretary-Treasurer who will pay the reimbursable food service bill submitted by the host institution.  In addition to the postage expense and the food service bill, MACTLAC will support all host institution expenses, up to $2,000, which are incurred in hosting the meeting. Registration charges for the meeting were set at $25 (member)/$30 (late member)/$30 (non-member) at the Fall 2009 meeting.  Graduate students will not have to pay to register.
  10. Good record keeping is very important for a successful meeting. The MACTLAC Secretary-Treasurer should receive an alphabetized list of MACTLAC members and guests who are in attendance at the meeting. This list should include a listing of the pre-registration or at-meeting registration payments broken down into the categories (1) registration payments, (2) MACTLAC dues payments, (3) meal payments, and (4) total payment. If a single check is sent by an institution to cover several individuals from that campus, it is important to break down this amount so that each individual can be properly credited for his/her dues and registration payment. The list should also include e-mail addresses of the members attending the meeting. Any cash received during the meeting should be documented carefully with respect to the person paying and the category (dues, registration, etc.).  Generic spreadsheets will be provided by the Secretary-Treasurer that may be used for record keeping.  You may modify these as you need to accommodate your particular situation.
  11. Prepare and have for each person attending the conference a receipt that can be submitted for for reimbursement from their host institution.
  12. Prepare and distribute a meeting evaluation questionnaire. Send a summary of the questionnaire responses plus hints on meeting organization to the Program Coordinator of the next meeting. Questionnaire responses should also be sent to the MACTLAC Secretary-Treasurer.
  13. To assist Program Coordinators of future meetings, the Program Coordinator of the current meeting is directed to prepare a report (to be sent to the Secretary-Treasurer and then to the Executive Council and the Program Coordinator of the next meeting) which will include the following: (1) attendance in discussion groups, (2) hotel reservations: how many rooms reserved, how many rooms used by MACTLAC members, (3) a summary of the responses on the evaluation forms, (4) a response from the Program Coordinator to the comments on the evaluation forms, (5) a detailed record of the actual meeting income and expenses which will include all money received from members for dues, registration, and meals; in addition any money received from vendors shall be recorded. All expenses relating to the plenary speakers (travel, meals, lodging, honorarium, etc.) shall be itemized.
  14. The following items should be sent to the Archivist within two weeks of the meeting:

-a copy of the meeting folder

-a paper copy of the attendance list

-an electronic copy of the attendance list

-electronic copies of all documents that pertain to the meeting, so that they might be archived

-electronic copies of all reports that are submitted to the secretary-treasurer concerning the meeting


For your guidance an approximate timeline is suggested below:

At Least Two Years Ahead –              Notify state representatives or President of interest in hosting a meeting

August 1 – Year Ahead-                      President of institution sends letter of invitation to MACTLAC President or to Secretary-Treasurer

October – Year Ahead-                        Attend Executive Council meeting at MACTLAC and have theme in place.  Issue invitation to membership for the meeting.

Spring Before                                       Send out postcard to membership reminding them of the time and place and of speakers (if known)

End of Spring-                                      Set tentative program, secure speakers, meeting rooms, and hotel blocks.  Check with state rep to see if he/she has begun to make contact with graduate students to invite them.

May 1                                                    Send copy of tentative program to Executive Council members

Early to Mid-August                           Send out e-mail meeting reminder to MACTLAC members

By First Week of September              Send out meeting information to members

September                                             Arrange meals and refreshments.  Set up vendors, etc.

Two Weeks Before                              Identify discussion leaders and recorders, and get them directions.  Arrange bulletin board space for archivist and placement

October                                                  Host meeting and attend executive council meetings

November                                             Provide sec/treasurer and archivist with requested documents


Your willingness to host the Fall Meeting of MACTLAC is sincerely appreciated. MACTLAC’s success is dependent on the willingness of hosting institutions to assist in carrying out successful Fall Meetings.

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