The Benefits Hunting Provides for Michigan

As an outdoorsman myself I appreciate the opportunities that the state of Michigan offers.  Hunting has been a past time in the state since settlers first arrived here.  While some people feel that hunting is unethical and cruel, I feel that hunting benefits the state of Michigan in many ways. 

One way that hunting is beneficial to the state of Michigan is the revenue that it creates.  In 2008 Michigan earned more than 20 million dollars in net revenue from the sale of deer hunting liscences during the bow and firearm seasons according to DNR officials.  This is only one type of hunting liscense sold in the state.  Michigan also sells many other hunting liscences that they make money on.  You also have to consider the huge amounts of money hunters spend on food, equipment, lodging, and firearms.  With the state economy with the way it is hunting provieds Michigan with a great source of revenue.

The most popular hunting season in the state is the White-Tailed Deer hunting season.  This hunting season is very important for many reasons for the state of Michigan in addition to the revenue it creates.  Without this hunting season the White-Tail Deer would population would be way too high.  Many statistics indicate that deer populations are already too high in some parts of the state to sustain healthy habitats for deer and other species.  These high densities of deer are leading to an increase in deer related car accidents and also the spread of diseases among deer.  For these reasons having a deer hunting season is vital to the state of Michigan.

Perhaps the best thing about hunting are the conservation efforts that go along with it.  Becuase hunters are often the ones who appreciate Michigan’s environment the most they work dilligently to promote conservation.  Here are just a few of the conservation groups in the state. 

The St. Joseph County Conservation and Sportsman Club– Established in 1937, the group works to promote conservation, fishing regulations, and safe hunting practices in St. Joseph County and the surrounding communities.

Ducks Unlimited Michigan– Ducks Unlimited is a national conservation group that works to preserve North American waterfowl habitats.   According to during 2005, working with a variety of partners, DU’s Michigan conservation program restored and enhanced 6,140 acres of wetlands and adjacent habitat while completing 103 projects in 33 counties.

Michigan Wild Turkey Hunters Association– Their goal is to promote conservation of wild turkeys and their habitats to ensure the sucess of the wild turkey in the future.


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