Go Big – Read!

Awhile ago, there was a thread going around on Facebook to list your 10 favorite books. It pops up again every once in awhile. I was challenged by a friend of mine to list 10 of my favorite books, so I did.

I’ve reprinted the list here, again in no particular . . . → Read More: Go Big – Read!

Hey to the Intro Astro Student

March 4, 2014: Every once in a while in the career of a coach/teacher/professor, there is a group of students that brings the magic. I’m know Miss Jenn feels that way about her dancers; I’m sure Coach Rundle feels that way about our Albion Britons; and I have a sneaking suspicion that Coach Peters feels . . . → Read More: Hey to the Intro Astro Student

Baby, It’s COLD Outside…

January 8, 2014: …but the science is HOT at the 223rd meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS). With temperatures around the country dipping into negative numbers due to the polar vortex (arctic outbreak?), it’s nice to be here at the conference hotel and listening to some really interesting science. It’s enough to warm the . . . → Read More: Baby, It’s COLD Outside…

Student Success Stories

November 17, 2013: I know it’s been a long time since my last post, but that’s what happens when the school year starts up and those academic distractions happen. However, a few of my students have done some pretty cool things, so I absolutely have to give props to them.

First of all, congratulations to . . . → Read More: Student Success Stories