Genius! Bar none.

January 16, 2015: Every once in a while I have a flash┬ of genius, that “aha moment” that gets me excited for the start of the new year. ┬ A few years ago, it was having my Intro Astronomy students make videos┬ about a topic in Astronomy. This time, I modified a standard writing . . . → Read More: Genius! Bar none.

Go Big – Read!

Awhile ago, there was a thread going around on Facebook to list your 10 favorite books. It pops up again every once in awhile. I was challenged by a friend of mine┬ to list 10 of my favorite books, so I did.

I’ve reprinted the list here, again in no . . . → Read More: Go Big – Read!

Hey to the Intro Astro Student

March 4, 2014: Every once in a while in the┬ career of a coach/teacher/professor, ┬ there is a group of students┬ that brings the magic. I’m know Miss Jenn feels that way about her dancers; I’m sure Coach Rundle feels that way about our Albion Britons; and┬ I have a sneaking suspicion that Coach . . . → Read More: Hey to the Intro Astro Student

Baby, It’s COLD Outside…

January 8, 2014: …but the science is HOT at the 223rd meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS).┬ With temperatures around the country dipping into negative numbers┬ due to the polar vortex┬ (arctic outbreak?), it’s nice to be┬ here at┬ the conference hotel and listening to some really interesting science. It’s enough to warm . . . → Read More: Baby, It’s COLD Outside…