Floriade Flower Fotos

September 17: I took hundreds of pictures at Floriade 2o11, and Meredith took just as many. It seemed as though we were stopping every two seconds to capture the colors of the flower arrangements.  Over 1 million bulbs and annuals were planted this year, in garden bed designs to reflect the theme of food. For example, chili peppers and wine bottles are two designs that you can see in the beds.  In the next few weeks, I plan to go again to try to get an aerial shot from the ferris wheel.








The orchid exhibit at Floriade 2011


Floral Fashion 

"A Passion for Fashion", ANU student competition


See also Meredith’s Photos; she has a talent for framing up the flowers!

Learn more about how the beds are designed and which bulbs and annuals are planted here.

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