What Badger Game? Finding Other Things to do in Canberra

October 2:  While most of my friends, and probably the whole state of Wisconsin, were watching the Badgers introduce Nebraska to what Big Ten football is like, I was spending the day (wearing Badger red, of course) with Celine, a French student who is at RSES for a year, working with Daniella Rubatto.  We re-visited Floriade, me with our favorite Badger in tow, and admired the flowers, now all in full bloom. We were truly amazed at the full colors!  Full, not fall…


RED Tulips in October!


Pink tulips in October!


Afterwards, we headed to Handmade Canberra at the National Convention Centre, where vendors from all over the area were selling their wares, all made in Australia.  If you were in the mood for handmade clothes, cupcakes or macaroons, jewelry, pottery, photographs, or baby clothes, this was your day.  If not, you could settle for just browsing and watching people, which is what we did.  Those cute young Australians at Real Chai did, however, convince me to get a packet of tea, so if you come to visit me in Michigan, ask for a cup!

Lunchtime brought me to That Pizza Place, which promised a slice of real New York Pizza.  It was pretty good but the sauce tasted kind of bar-b-que-y.  However, the server was really friendly and explained what was happening during the rugby game on TV.  The grand final of the National Rugby League is on tonight – we were watching a reserve game between the Bulldogs from Sydney and the Vulcans from Aukland.  Honestly, I found myself rooting for the team from New Zealand, mostly because those Polynesian men are so good looking!  However, in literally the last second of the game, the Australian team won by diving over the goal line.  We’ll see if the same is true of the game tonight, which just started. The guy at the pizza place likened this game to the Super Bowl – it’s a big deal!  Oooh – Donna just yelled “hurrah” for something good the New Zealand team did. (Oh yeah, New Zealand has three teams in the tournament; I don’t know how many Aussie teams there are.)


Top L and R: The Haka Bottom L: New Zealand fans Bottom R: The sold-out stadium and teams


Research is going well. I spent all day yesterday (Saturday – yeah, I know) working on samples and plan to go in again tomorrow, which is Labor Day. (BTW, we’ve “sprung ahead” time-wise this weekend, so not only did I lose a day traveling here, but I’ve now lost an hour, too!)  However, it’s all good because I have instrument time on Wednesday and I head to Sydney for a week on Thursday, so I can relax and play a little up there to make up for it!

Okay.  Well, I suppose I should watch this big game (the premiership) – Donna is all camped out in front of the TV, with a cat on her lap and a glass of wine at her side!  I told you it was a big deal.

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