Pictures from Koala Park

October 11: I spent a great afternoon at Koala Park, just north of Sydney in Pennant Hills. It took me about 1.5 hours to get there, but to be able to see some of Australia’s unique animals up close and personal (and without the crowds at the zoo) was really great. Of course, the koalas were the stars (!), but it was fun to pet and see the other animals, too.  I thought the dingoes would be ferocious, if not just plain mean.  Afterall, they eat babies, right?  However, these boys and girls were very friendly and loved all of the attention we gave them!



Kangaroo Petting Zoo







Clockwise from top left: Chickens to control ticks and bugs, peacock and wombat, cassowary, peacock in flight, proud peacock, emu, peacock bushwalk


The dingoes are big babies!






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