In the Middle

December 17:  In the middle of my stay in Australia, Tim and I started planning what we were going to do when he arrived here.  In a few short weeks, we managed to visit Sydney, Cairns, and Canberra, with side trips to the Blue Mountains and Bondi Beach.  We also saw a show at the Sydney Opera House and snorkeled among the corals around Fitzroy Island and at the Great Barrier Reef.  I will post more details on some of what we did later, but for those of you who are following this blog regularly, I wanted to post something.  Check back shortly for more updates, including pages about our trip to Cairns and about Art in the ACT.

In the middle: Canberra's Anzac Parade and Parliament House.


In the middle: hot chocolate! (Koko Black, Canberra)


In the middle of the rainforest on Fitzroy Island (Cairns)


In the middle of the Great Barrier Reef (Cairns)


In the middle of two Aborigine dancers (Tjapukai, Cairns)


In the middle: An object of great desire on a hot hot day! (Koranda)


In the middle: Austin the Koala (Featherdale Wildlife Park, Sydney)


In the middle of mobs of kangaroos and wallabies (Featherdale Wildlife Park, Sydney)


In the middle of the Royal Botanical Garden (Sydney)


In the middle of the Sydney Harbour Bridge


In the middel of a great Aussie BBQ at Meredith's and Don's (Canberra).


In the middle of Sydney Harbour, between two great Sydney icons.

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