Christmas Greetings from Down Under

December 23:¬ ¬ Growing up in Wisconsin, I was used to white Christmases and even liked them, if we didn’t have to go outside in the cold. Later, we spent many a Christmas in Hawaii, preferring instead¬ to lay in the sun and sand rather than go skiing or make snow angels or forts¬ . . . → Read More: Christmas Greetings from Down Under

Into the Wild: Part III

December 23: Since I¬ was in Perth for just 3.5 weeks and spending much of each day in the lab and in Sydney for just a few days, I didn’t have a lot of time to travel around. I kept my eyes open for wildlife, though I¬ didn’t see many kangaroos or their kin . . . → Read More: Into the Wild: Part III

Righto, Rotto!

December 22: When I put in 11-hour (or more)¬ work¬ days and it’s summer in Australia (and winter at home), I like to get outside to appreciate the good weather.¬ On my last weekend in Perth, I visited Rottnest Island, which is known as¬ Wadjemup by the Noongar people.¬ ¬ It’s about 20 km . . . → Read More: Righto, Rotto!

Life’s a Beach


December 19: Surrounded by three oceans, Australia is the place to go for nice beaches.¬ In fact, there are almost 11,000 beaches from which to choose!¬ When the summer weather has tops of 33-36+ in Perth, people pack up their esky with nibbles and drinks and head to the coast, on the . . . → Read More: Life’s a Beach