Life’s a Beach


December 19: Surrounded by three oceans, Australia is the place to go for nice beaches.  In fact, there are almost 11,000 beaches from which to choose!  When the summer weather has tops of 33-36+ in Perth, people pack up their esky with nibbles and drinks and head to the coast, on the Indian Ocean, to cool off.

Top of 35 at Cottlesloe Beach.

I’ve always enjoyed going to the beach, preferring to be next to the ocean rather than in it. But ocean, lake, pool – any body of water will do. I rather like to hear the cacaphony of seagulls, children, and volleyballs as long as the pounding ocean surf is audible, too. It’s hypnotic and I know I’ve had a good beach day if I can get in a nap.

On my previous trip to Australia, I visited a few beaches along the coast of NSW, including Pebbly Beach, Bondi Beach, and Manly Beach, and all of them along the Pacific Ocean. Been there, done that… just ask about our frequent family trips to Hawaii.
What I loved about this trip to Perth was the fact that I was in or near the Indian Ocean!  Yes, I’ll say it again: Indian. Ocean.   It’s the world’s third largest ocean and contains ~20% of Earth’s surface water.  That’s a big pool. 

Bathers Beach (Freemantle).


Overlooking Salmon Bay (Rottnest Island).

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  • Lee Goetz

    Hello Nicolle,
    It has been very nice reading your blog and following your adventure. I have to say it’s great you are able to do all that you do. Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas – and Happy New Year – which I beleive you will be back in the states for that? Have a safe trip back – and hope to see you soon. Just got roughly 10-12″ of snow yesterday – YUCK! But it will be a White Christmas! 🙂

  • Australia is very beautiful country, I always want to go there. Nice sharing

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