Eyes on the Skies: Zonta’s AE Fellowship

June 29, 2017: One of the highlights of my graduate student career was receiving a Zonta Amelia Earhart (AE) Fellowship, which supports women pursuing doctoral degrees in the fields of aerospace science or aerospace engineering. Partly as a result of this award, I now belong to a select group of women throughout the world . . . → Read More: Eyes on the Skies: Zonta’s AE Fellowship

Video Killed the Writing Assignment

April 16, 2016: We move pretty fast in Phys 105 – 13.7 billion years of astronomy in about 15 weeks of classes… roughly one chapter per class period. So it’s impossible to talk about all of the really cool things that are happening in our Solar System, our galaxy, and the Universe . . . → Read More: Video Killed the Writing Assignment


July 8, 2015: WUPPE! Yes, it was as fun as it sounds! and I cannot believe that 20 years has passed since its last flight.

In May 1995, the space shuttle Endeavor blasted off from Kennedy Space Center on STS-67 carrying a suite of ultraviolet telescopes on board: one from Goddard Spaceflight . . . → Read More: WUPPE!

Baby, It’s COLD Outside…

January 8, 2014: …but the science is HOT at the 223rd meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS).  With temperatures around the country dipping into negative numbers due to the polar vortex (arctic outbreak?), it’s nice to be here at the conference hotel and listening to some really interesting science. It’s enough to warm the cockles of my . . . → Read More: Baby, It’s COLD Outside…