Christmas Greetings from Down Under

December 23:   Growing up in Wisconsin, I was used to white Christmases and even liked them, if we didn’t have to go outside in the cold. Later, we spent many a Christmas in Hawaii, preferring instead to lay in the sun and sand rather than go skiing or make snow angels or forts (though we made . . . → Read More: Christmas Greetings from Down Under

Into the Wild: Part III

December 23: Since I was in Perth for just 3.5 weeks and spending much of each day in the lab and in Sydney for just a few days, I didn’t have a lot of time to travel around. I kept my eyes open for wildlife, though I didn’t see many kangaroos or their kin around (just . . . → Read More: Into the Wild: Part III

Righto, Rotto!

December 22: When I put in 11-hour (or more) work days and it’s summer in Australia (and winter at home), I like to get outside to appreciate the good weather.  On my last weekend in Perth, I visited Rottnest Island, which is known as Wadjemup by the Noongar people.   It’s about 20 km from Perth and quite . . . → Read More: Righto, Rotto!

Life’s a Beach


December 19: Surrounded by three oceans, Australia is the place to go for nice beaches.  In fact, there are almost 11,000 beaches from which to choose!  When the summer weather has tops of 33-36+ in Perth, people pack up their esky with nibbles and drinks and head to the coast, on the . . . → Read More: Life’s a Beach