Video Killed the Writing Assignment

April 16, 2016: We move pretty fast in Phys 105 – 13.7 billion years of astronomy in about 15 weeks of classes… roughly one chapter per class period. So it’s impossible to talk about all of the really cool things that are happening in our Solar System, our galaxy, and the Universe . . . → Read More: Video Killed the Writing Assignment

#handson @ Albion College #HSSLP

August 7, 2015: In May, I spent 10 days in Poland, visiting Wrocław (where Albion College and Michigan State students, faculty, and staff cleaned a section of the New Jewish Cemetery), Kraków (where we toured the Jewish Quarter, Schindler’s Factory, and the Płaszów Concentration Camp), and the Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration and Death Camp (which really . . . → Read More: #handson @ Albion College #HSSLP

Toruń, the Center of the Heliocentric Model

May 16, 2015: While participating in the Albion College Holocaust Studies Service Learning Program, a side trip to Toruń, Poland brought me to the house of Copernicus, the man who put the Sun at the center of the Solar System (instead of the Earth), revolutionizing the way scientists, and people in general, thought about . . . → Read More: Toruń, the Center of the Heliocentric Model

Genius! Bar none.

January 16, 2015: Every once in a while I have a flash of genius, that “aha moment” that gets me excited for the start of the new year.  A few years ago, it was having my Intro Astronomy students make videos about a topic in Astronomy. This time, I modified a standard writing assignment.

As a . . . → Read More: Genius! Bar none.