July 8, 2015: WUPPE! Yes, it was as fun as it sounds! and I cannot believe that 20 years has passed since its last flight.

In May 1995, the space shuttle Endeavor blasted off from Kennedy Space Center on STS-67 carrying a suite of ultraviolet telescopes on board: one from Goddard Spaceflight . . . → Read More: WUPPE!

Everything’s Coming up RSES: Part II

October 25:¬ ¬ Even though¬ I have been traveling around, I have also been getting into the lab and doing some work. No, really, I have!¬ About 100 lunar glasses are undergoing analyses so that we can see what they are made of and so far, things are going well. I’ve also been giving . . . → Read More: Everything’s Coming up RSES: Part II

Everything’s Coming Up RSES: Part I

September 14: The Research School of Earth Sciences at ANU will be my office-away-from-office for the next 3 months.¬ Housed among at least six different buildings, the school is a maze of hallways, instrument labs, offices, and really nice people! Though I’ve been here for only a short time, I feel . . . → Read More: Everything’s Coming Up RSES: Part I

Here’s to Old RPI

I visited my alma mater in May.¬ Not my undergrad alma mater, where I spent time in classes almost as big as my entire high school, developed close friendships, attended frat parties, hung out at the Union(s), and gabbed all night with girlfriends.¬ My graduate alma mater, where I spent late (very . . . → Read More: Here’s to Old RPI