Teaching & Videos

Classes I usually teach include Phys 105, Introductory Astronomy, and Phys 325, Theoretical Mechanics. I’ve also taught advanced sections of astronomy and planetary science, modern physics, and the labs for our algebra-based physics course.

Each semester, my Phys 105 students, create videos about interesting topics related to astronomy. The class votes on their favorites, and the winning videos are posted here. It’s proven to be a very popular project, and the students enjoy exercising their creativity in combination with learning something about science. A summary of this project appears in the December 2018 issue of The Physics Teacher; the article can be found here and the abstract can be found here.


“People’s Choice Award” winning videos:

Spring 2018 (Madison Kase), Zodiacal Light

Fall 2017 (Ryder Ostrowski), Life Beyond Earth

Fall 2016 (Connor Healy, Becca Garcia), Space Lasers

Spring 2016 (Nicole Kurlich and Nia Moreno), Wormholes

Stills from the Kurlich/Moreno video

Fall 2015 (Taylor Zuke and Dom Hamper), Journey Through a Black Hole

Spring 2011 (Nate Messerang, Garrett Lefkowitz), Copernican Cops

Fall 2010 (Connor Sweeney, Emma Adams), The Copernican Revolution: YouTube Preview Image

Fall 2009 (Ken Pingle, Brian Dunn),The Discovery of Neptune: YouTube Preview Image
Spring 2009 (Erin Walters, Callie McCain), Life of a Low-Mass Star:YouTube Preview Image