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Set a Page as the Home Page

By default, WordPress displays the most recent posts on your home page. You can, however, tell WordPress to use a Page you’ve already created instead. To set a Page as the home page follow these steps: Log in to your site’s Dashboard Under Settings, select Reading Change the radio button to a Static Page Chose […]

Creating Posts & Categories From Existing Content

Posts are the default content type in WordPress. Content that can be ordered by date and by categories is suited to posts. Posts are displayed on your site in reverse chronological order (newest first). This tutorial will show you how to create posts and categories from existing content on your old WWW site. Log in […]

Editor Toolbar Buttons

WordPress may “hide” some of the editor window toolbar buttons. If you’re missing the second row of buttons in the editor window, click the Kitchen Sink button, 3 in from the right on the main toolbar. See the video (20 seconds):

Moving Images and Files From Old Site

Images and other files like Word documents, PowerPoint files and PDFs are all manged the same way.  In this tutorial we will discuss how to get the files from our old site and into the new one.  The basic steps are below, followed by a video tutorial. Log in to your site’s Dashboard Open a […]